Pick n Pay, FoodForward SA set goal of over one million meals

The goal for Pick n Pay and FoodForward SA’s 2018 Mandela Day Food Drive is to collect 250 tonnes of food over three days to provide over a million meals to the underprivileged.

#Mandela100: Pick n Pay, FoodForward SA set goal of over one million meals

“The reality in our country today is that millions continue to go to bed hungry every day,” says Suzanne Ackerman-Berman, director of transformation at Pick n Pay.

Thabo Koti, a FoodForward SA beneficiary at the Carpenter’s Shop in Cape Town, explains the hardship of facing a day without food, “A car can’t function without fuel, it is the same with the human body.”

“Together we can make a difference in the lives of the many South Africans that require assistance. We are inviting our customers and suppliers to partner with us and help us provide baskets of food to those beneficiary organisations who can’t afford them,” says Ackerman-Berman.

Two new regions

Last year, the inaugural food drive donations equalled to just over half a million meals – we want to double that this year, says Ackerman-Berman. To assist in achieving this, Pick n Pay has increased the number of stores participating by 30% compared to last year, and introduced two new regions: Bloemfontein and Rustenburg.

The food drive collection weekend – running from 13–15 July – will see various food collection bins being placed in over 500 Pick n Pay stores across the country. “While any and all non-perishable items are welcome, we have provided 14 discounted products, in association with our suppliers. Customers are encouraged to buy any of these products and drop them in the collection bin.”

The food list items include rice, maize meal, spaghetti, samp and beans, lentils, pilchards, tuna, long life milk, oats, jam, peanut butter, cooking oil, sugar and salt.

FoodForward SA's Second Harvest an agri outreach to feed more people

In-store volunteers

“There will be volunteers in-store engaging with consumers and educating them about the initiative. We will also be catering for cash donations at the till points and customers can donate from as a little as R5. There is, however, absolutely no pressure on consumers to participate. We are more trying to inspire volunteerism – not only for this Mandela Day, but for the future too,” says Ackerman-Berman.

Food donated at more remotely located Pick n Pay stores will be distributed directly to surrounding beneficiaries. All donated goods from centrally located stores will be packed into trucks and taken to the packing event venues for sorting by volunteers on Mandela Day before they are distributed to the respective FoodForward SA beneficiaries.

The Mandela Day food donations will help FoodForward SA stock their warehouses across the country with staple foods over the winter months.

FoodForward SA’s MD Andy Du Plessis says, “The food donations are distributed over six months, ensuring that we are able to provide our beneficiaries with a varied basket of nutritious foods.

“The generosity and support of this Mandela Day Food Drive directly benefits thousands of people, but also creates much needed awareness of the work we do. Our work is to address the problem of food insecurity in South Africa and this campaign is definitely having a big impact.”

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