I’m a fashion expert – how to dress slimmer whatever your body type

WE’VE all heard that we should dress for our body type.

But sometimes, it’s hard to know what that really means.

A style expert revealed how to dress for your body


A style expert revealed how to dress for your bodyCredit: TikTok
Belts are great for pear-shaped women


Belts are great for pear-shaped womenCredit: TikTok

A style expert and beauty lover named Jen de Oliviera, who goes by @jendeolive on TikTok, has gained a following of nearly 300K users on the platform thanks to her fashion finds and lifestyle tips.

She said that women can make themselves look thinner based on what they wear – and she went through a few different body types and clothing examples to make the process easy.

“If you want to use your clothes to help you look thinner, follow this simple rule based on your body type.”

As a rule of thumb, she said to highlight your smallest area.

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Many women have an hourglass or pear-shaped body.

This means they have a smaller waist and upper body, and a curvier lower body – with wide hips and bigger legs.

“Make your waist the focal point.

“High waisted skirts and belts are a great way to do this.”

She paired a white fitted tank top with high-waisted, belted olive trousers that were ultra-flattering.


Other women have a square-shaped body with a less-defined waist.

“Using a belt or wrap-dresses to create shape is ideal.”

Wearing a black wrap dress that tied at the belly button, Jen created the illusion of a waist.


The opposite of a pear-shaped body is the inverted triangle shape.

This means you have broad shoulders and thin legs.

“Show off those legs with a loose top and leggings.

“You can also create a waist by tucking in a small portion of your shirt into your bottoms.”

Viewers were thankful for the advice:

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“Great tips as always,” one person wrote.

“You are just too cute! Love your classy content! Thank you,” added another.

Wrap dresses flatter square bodies


Wrap dresses flatter square bodiesCredit: TikTok

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