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Commercial movies create space for indie movies, says Kumud Mishra

It is generally believed that big commercial movies which are made for the masses lack substance and quality which is present in low budget arthouse movies which are made as a form of expression rather than a medium of entertainment. Seasoned actor Kumud Mishra, who has been part of both commercial films and low budget projects believes that both of them are equally important.

In a recent media conversation, Kumud shared that sometimes he would do certain movies just for the paycheck as it helps him to devote his time to other indie projects. He told PTI, “There are different reasons to do a film, some you do it because the script is brilliant, some you do to work with a director and some you do for money.

“Money is important, it helps you to run the house. Also, it will give you the freedom to do independent work. I give a lot of importance to big commercial films as they contribute much to cinema and create a space for small independent movies,” Kumud Mishra concluded.

On the work front, Mishra was last seen as a sexologist in web show ‘Dr Arora’. Talking about that, he said, “I know their sensibility and that they do not approach the subject to titillate the audience or have cheap humour in it. Eventually, the aesthetics of Imtiaz Ali is there in the show and I am comfortable with that.”

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