Fran’s Summer Fashion From The Nanny Is Iconic

The world and Mr. Sheffield (Charles Shaughnessy) were introduced to Fran Fine in Season 1 of “The Nanny,” which was overloaded with animal print. She gave us a taste of her flair for bright colors in Episode 4 (“The Nuchslep”), where she spots a patchwork button-down blouse with floral prints. As with many of Fran’s looks, the shirt showed a bit of her midriff and was tied in a bow at the bottom. Paired with a pair of light wash jeans, the look is airy and fresh and, surprisingly, one of Fran’s more conservative picks.

Much later in Episode 16, Fran wears one of her most bold ensembles in the entire series. “Schlepped Away” sees Fran in a daring two-piece you’d see in the Copacabana’s early days. Fran’s off-the-shoulder top covers just her chest and features long, flowing sleeves featuring lime green, pink, red, and blue shapes on black fabric. Her wrap skirt features the same look paired with a large faux-flower in her hair. It’s a stunning vacation look Fran opted to wear inside as their day was getting rained out.

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