France Drops All COVID Restrictions For Travelers

Traveling to France just became a little less complicated for international travelers.

Earlier this month, the French government dropped all COVID entry requirements that had been in place for more than a year.

That means arrivals, including those from the United States, no longer need to show proof of vaccination, proof of recent recovery from COVID, or a negative COVID test.

In addition, arrivals no longer have to justify their reason for traveling to France.

“This system, which mobilized up to 6,000 members of civil security each week to carry out the tests, border guards to check the health documents of travelers and internal security forces to control isolation or quarantine measures decided by the prefects, has been regularly adapted to changes in the health situation and community rules,” the Ministry of Tourism and Overseas said in a statement.

It did note that restrictions could return under an “emergency-brake measure” if a new variant becomes a serious health threat, or if health systems become overwhelmed internationally.

“Faced with the new phase of the pandemic, the border health control system is lifted, in accordance with the law putting an end to the exceptional regimes created to fight against the epidemic linked to COVID-19,” the Ministry said.

The new rules will remain in effect until March 2023, minus the use of the emergency brake, when they will re-examine where the country stands.

“In the event of a health crisis in the future, if the government needs exceptional powers, it will have to negotiate them one by one with the parliament,” Senator Philippe Bas said after the French parliament approved the changes, according to RFI.

Mask rules have also changed as part of the update. Masks remain required in hospitals and other medical facilities, but they are no longer mandatory in other public spaces, or on public transportation.

Masks continue to be encouraged in small indoor spaces, at large gatherings, or in instances around vulnerable people because of age or health.

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