YouTubers Break Guinness World Record by Doing 25 Pull-Ups Hanging From a Helicopter

A pair of Dutch fitness enthusiasts performed the most pull-ups while dangling from a helicopter in one minute and successfully registered their names in the Guinness Book of World Records. Not just this, but the duo made this victorious record bid twice. As per the official website of Guinness World Records, Stan Bruininck, popularly known as YouTuber Stan Browney, and his fitness channel co-host Arjen Albers attempted this push-up challenge at Hoevenen Airfield in Belgium’s Antwerp, in the presence of an official adjudicator.

Now, a video of them achieving their feat is going viral on the internet. While Albers went first and performed 24 pull-ups from a hovering helicopter, Stan proved his incredible resilience and performed 25 pull-ups in one minute. It was on July 6 that the two young YouTubers overpowered Armenian serial record breaker Roman Sahradyan’s achievement of 23 pull-ups while dangling from a hovering helicopter.

In conversation with the Guinness World Records, the two athletes said that normal pull-ups are undoubtedly tough but pull-ups from a helicopter posed a real challenge as its bars are thicker compared to others.

In a bid to achieve the feat, both of them reportedly used slippery PVC tubes hanging from ropes during the practice. This was done to stimulate the movements of a helicopter and also to prepare the athletes to get used to the conditions that they might face on the day of the challenge.

Both of them were very dedicated to achieving the feat, for which they trained under every condition daily. Moreover, they even reportedly rented a helicopter, to achieve perfection during their practice.

Meanwhile, two Italian men broke the world record by changing a tyre of a moving car during the Lo Show Dei Record. Manuel Zoldan was the driver and Gianluca Folco was the one changing the tyre. They pulled off the incredible feat in just 1 minute and 17 seconds.

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