Air Taxis Are About To Change The Future Of Travel

An air taxi is basically a very small plane or helicopter that is capable of taking people on short trips. Unlike a regular taxi, an air taxi won’t be picking you up from or dropping you off at your front door. Instead, these aerial vehicles travel between pre-determined destinations that have purpose-built facilities. Do you need to get from the airport to the beach ASAP? Hop in an air taxi, and you’ll save a bit of vacation time. Along with Archer Aviation, several companies are developing the vehicles in anticipation of an industry boom; notable names include Bell Flight, Joby, Vertical Aerospace, and Wisk.

Although air travel and the amount of fuel it uses is a favorite target of environmentalists, the chances are air taxis won’t find themselves in the firing line. While there probably won’t be enough of them available to impact road traffic, air taxis like the Joby Aero won’t really be adding to emissions, either. The Joby is electrically powered and can fly an amazing 150 miles on a single charge. In terms of price, taking an air taxi ride isn’t going to be cheap and it’s hard to see that changing. As with first-class flights, there will certainly be plenty who can afford the trips and will appreciate the convenience. However, most people will probably be sticking to standard taxis, at least for the foreseeable future.

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