KBC 14: Contestant DG Prisons of Nagaland, Rupin Sharma shares the full story of extradition of Abu Salem and Monika Bedi from Portugal

The latest episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 14 started with Amitabh Bachchan welcoming the audience and rollover contestant Rupin Sharma. He starts the game with him and presents the 7th question for Rs 40,000 in front of him. What is the name of the foreign trade analysis portal launched by the Indian government in June 2022? Rupin confidently answers and takes the right guess. The correct answer was: A) Niryat.

As the game progresses, Big B asks the next question for Rs 80,000: According to Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna held up the Govardhan mountain to shelter his people from God’s actions? The right answer B) Indradev and Rubin won the amount.

Moving ahead in the game, the contestant from Nagaland got stuck on the Rs 1,60,000 question and used his first lifeline ‘Audience Poll’: The question was: Which of these Indian states has a district named after the freedom fighter, Udham Singh? D) Uttrakhand was the right answer and Rupin managed to give it with the help of the audience.

He then got ready to face the next hurdle for Rs 3,20,000. What is the pottery technique from Alwar, Rajasthan, which uses a very thin layer of clay, called? He took a guess but answered it correctly. The right answer was A) Kagzi.

Big B starts a conversation with Rupin and asks him about him arresting a most wanted terrorist. He shares that he joined service in 1992 and after a few days a series of blasts took place in Mumbai. At that time he worked for AT Interpol CBI and worked for Interpol and during the service he came across the case of Abu Salem. He revealed the entire story of Abu Salem’s extradition, “When we started off working on the case, we did not get immediate success, then we talked to other states and updated our data. During those days all the paperwork of passports would happen in hardcopy, so the database was weak. The criminals would end up having more than one passport and on other people’s names. We made a team of 4-5 people and started working on the small leads. In 2002, we got an email that there is a person who calls himself Danish Baig and his partner Fauziya Usman, they could be Abu Salem and Monika Bedi. They are currently in Portugal and are planning to go to Norway first and then to Canada. When we accessed the data, we got a lead that Monika Bedi’s parents were from Norway. We traced the email and got to know that it came from Portugal. We contacted the government there and asked them to find him. When they asked for assurance that he won’t be put behind prison for more than 25 years and would not be given death penalty, we were assured that he is indeed Abu Salem. We gave them assurance and one day when we reached office we got to know that he was arrested and we are on cloud nine.”

“We gave them assurance and there were many who questioned our choice and we asked them, do you want Abu Salem or not. Everyone agreed on our choice,” he said.

Rupin kept impressing Big B with his knowledge and he swiftly answered the upcoming question for Rs 6, 40,000 : Which Indian author’s mother was the first woman to become a Chief Justice of a state High Court? The correct answer was Vikram Seth.

Big B continued the game with Rupin and presented the next question for Rs 12,50,000. On 30th may 2022, which European city’s mayor flagged off a special tram, to celebrate Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav? Rupin is clueless about the answer, thinks a lot and uses two lifelines to reach the answer. He first takes the help of Video call a friend and then 50-50. He gets stuck as the option he was suggested by his friend gets deleted. He decides to quit the game. He walks away with Rs 6,40,000.

The right answer was Wroclaw. Big B gives further information about the question and also reveals few details about Poland. He shares that the people there respect poets a lot and give high regards to literature. He revealed that a statue of his father Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan has been installed in Poland and he was invited to inaugurate it. He further adds that young girls and boys study Hindi there and during his visit, a group had recited his late father’s poem Madhushala.

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