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As Milwaukee’s tech industry continues to expand, organizations like the MKE Tech Hub Coalition are helping sustain that growth. The tech hub works to attract talent to the tech industry, build a diverse pipeline, and connect with the Milwaukee community.


Jasmin Treske, manager of Tech Programs and Community Outreach.

Manager of Tech Programs & Community Outreach Jasmin Treske joins Lake Effect to highlight the work the coalition is doing and their goals for Milwaukee’s tech future. The MKE Tech Hub Coalition’s mission is to inclusively double tech in the Milwaukee region.

The MKE Tech Hub works alongside start-ups and founders, K-12 students, and individuals who are looking to further their tech skills. Recently, MKE Tech Hub hosted a summer long program called “FUSE” where high school students had the opportunity to participate in a summer bootcamp designed to build tech skills. Students learned tech modules and then in partnership with The Commons, they learned about career readiness in the industry.

The last three weeks of that program, they went into industry challenges where again our our corporate members gave them an industry challenge to solve and they used everything that they learned throughout the program to solve this challenge,” says Treske.

MKE Tech Hub Coalition focuses on getting those underrepresented in the tech field involved and experienced.

“These kids, they came up with things that professionals in the field aren’t coming up with right now. There’s so much more that they can do, I think it’s just important that they have the exposure, and that they can see people that look like them in these positions so that they could feel it is actually attainable.”

Over 50% of those served by the MKE Tech Hub came from a historically underrepresented demographic. Treske believes that diverse voices and backgrounds are critical when collaborating and utilizing creativity in tech.

“In all transparency, tech has been historically very white men driven, and so you know, as other organizations are coming to Milwaukee… the big thing now is hiring diverse talent. And so in the tech industry, when you don’t have that, you leave different experiences, thoughts and leadership on the table.”

If you want to get involved with the MKE Tech Hub Coalition, they have declared Oct. 3-7 as this year’s “Milwaukee Tech Week.” They have openings to host sessions, become a sponsor, or attend tech week at

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