Here’s Proof That You Can Totally Travel in Dresses

Unless you’re the kind of person who intentionally plans on taking a pre-flight #OOTD at the airport (so that you can post on the ‘gram before takeoff, of course), figuring out a travel look is often an afterthought. We’re usually pouring all our attention and energy into curating the best ‘fits to wear once we reach our final destination! But when it’s actually time to start the trek, you’re probably frantically rummaging through your closet hoping to find something that’s both travel appropriate and stylish. More often than not, that results in an ensemble that’s comfy, sure, but nowhere near as chic as what’s packed away in that carry-on.

Whether you’re traveling by bus, train, car, boat, plane, or any other mode of land, sea, or air transport, we get how tough it can be to choose a gorge ‘fit that’s also extremely functional for the varied stages of the journey. Within the same hour, you could be hustling to the airport, sprinting through the terminal, sweating at the gate, and freezing once you’ve boarded. Or, you might find yourself uncomfortable as hell on a looong drive, regretting the decision to wear too-stiff jeans or a cute but itchy AF sweater. Don’t stress: we’ve got ya covered! Ahead, we’ve curated the absolute best travel dresses to wear en route to your next trip.

Why dresses, you might be wondering? Even if you swear by leggings and a tee whenever it’s time to face that TSA line, hear us out: A dress that’s cute and comfy is the ultimate one-piece foundation for hustling from point A to point B. It’ll simplify getting dressed as you wrestle to get your suitcase zipped and check in for your flight, and is so easy to throw layers on when the A/C is blasting on your seat or peel off that scarf or hoodie the second you start to overheat at any point of the journey.

Our top picks for the best travel dresses of 2022:

You deserve to look and feel good wherever you go. Now that CosmoTrips has debuted (ICYMI, it’s our brilliant travel booking biz where we do the trip planning for you and you do absolutely zero work), you can keep your pre-vacay focus on those excited vibes and dressing with ease! Whether you need a perf airport look or the ultimate road trip ‘fit to throw on, keep reading for 15 gorge and effortless travel dresses that’ll help you do just that. And these options aren’t only for getting to and from paradise: Trust us, you’ll be wearing these lewks throughout your whole trip.

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