The Most Underrated Time Travel Movies You Need To Watch


Just a few years before helming the hit Netflix fantasy series “Sweet Tooth,” filmmaker Jim Mickle directed the time-travel movie “In the Shadow of the Moon,” starring Boyd Holbrook, Cleopatra Coleman, Bokeem Woodbine, and Michael C. Hall. A seriously underrated sci-fi adventure, the film has unfortunately been glossed over in most discussions of the genre.

The film opens in 1988 with Detective Thomas Lockhart (Holbrook) investigating a series of connected but unexplainable deaths that appear to have been caused by a mysterious woman. Nearly a decade later in 1997, an apparent copycat killer surfaces, and in 2006, Lockhart puts the pieces of the puzzle together and realizes he may be tracking a time-traveling serial killer with a personal vendetta. But Lockhart may be tempting fate by looking for answers, as his investigation brings him face-to-face with a ghost from his own past, and future.

A grizzly crime drama with a time-hopping premise that spans more than six decades, “In the Shadow of the Moon” is distinct and affecting. Receiving mediocre reviews, it escaped notice when it was released to Netflix in 2019, but if you’re looking for a diamond in the rough, look no further.


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