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After booking a $3,000 Greek vacation, a British woman was shocked to arrive at the airport to find her flight to Greece had not only been canceled but had actually been canceled five months earlier.

Sure, her travel agency and the airline deserve some blame here for the lack of notice, but amid a travel disaster, blame doesn’t matter as much as the ability to make it right fast. Faye travel insurance has become a model for making sure travel horror stories like that one get fixed and paid for before they can derail an entire trip.

While travel insurance is nothing new, Faye is a more modern, tech-savvy model. Crafted as a whole-trip insurance offering that puts the traveler first, Faye protects life on the road from the hiccups that other insurers usually avoid. Instead, Faye travelers receive an unprecedented layer of protection over the major  aspects of a trip, all in a matter of seconds.

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Unlike policies from travel agencies or airlines, Faye eliminates arcane jargon and contract loopholes to snuff out the facets of trip insurance that make it such a pain. Visitors to the Faye website only have to answer six questions about their trip to get started. Armed with that, Faye creates a quote to cover medical emergencies, lost luggage or travel speed bumps that could derail your journey. For example, a couple spending a week traveling from Florida to Greece would pay around $240 for complete protection of their entire excursion.

That includes covering the cost of all the standard travel nightmare stories, including canceled and delayed flights, missed connections, overnight stays, and fouled-up hotel reservations. That also covers your overall health, from pre-existing flare-ups to injuries and various illnesses that can creep up, including COVID-19. It also reimburses you back if your luggage is damaged, stolen or completely lost.

Along with the typical travel problems, special add-on coverage can protect your trip against other hiccups. For example, Faye offers the option to add-on pet care, vacation rental damage protection, rental car care and the ability to cancel for any reason at all. While nobody wants to experience a travel meltdown firsthand, the ease of Faye’s process and the speed of their claims system brings enormous peace of mind to buyers. “I already have my money back from our claim,” Faye travel insurance user Stephanie said. “I will be using Faye for every trip and recommending it to others.”

From end-of-summer travel to holiday trips to Grandma’s, Vegas weekends, and beyond, just get a free quote at the Faye website and see how little it takes to travel fully protected.

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