The Best Travel Shows To Fulfill Your Wanderlust Needs

Let’s face it: a good travel show is a thing of beauty. It gives us a vicarious thrill and the feeling of being far away from home while still on the couch, even for just an hour or two. We’re aware it will never be the same as getting deep into planning, traveling, and exploring a new place with your own eyes, but one can always dream of remote islands and backpacking through less touristy countries, right?

Due to their popularity, there are more options than ever before — so many that choosing one can feel impossible, especially if you’re a newbie fan of the genre. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. We chose the best of the best when it comes to travel shows: Our picks are fun, exciting, and most importantly — they’ll make you want to book a flight ASAP.

Here are tons of recommendations, carefully hand-picked by us, for some of the best travel shows you can watch on television or enjoy from your favorite streaming platforms.

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