This Travel Writer Loves These Comfy Ecco Sneakers

Anyone who’s been to Denmark knows the Danes have certainly figured something out. Besides being ranked worldwide as one of the happiest places for quality of life, the country has mastered everything from innovative Scandinavian design to comfortable shoes. You read that right — when it comes to stylish kicks basically made for travel, one of the best pairs I’ve ever come across in all my years of darting through airports comes from a Danish brand: the Ecco Biom 2.1 Low Textile Sneakers.

Founded in 1963 by Birte and Karl Toosbury, Ecco is known for hacking technology to provide its wearers the best in comfort and craftsmanship. The brand has since been recognized for its smiley Danish disposition through super-inclusive campaigns that features all types of people, from trendsetters with orange-hued hair to Hijab-wearing women and the usually less visible elder generation.

While the Biom 2.1 pair is technically a cross country shoe that can be used for hiking, the sneakers excel as travel shoes because they hold up to long periods of walking and standing, something I tend to do a lot of when connecting in an airport or walking around a new city.

The brand’s website claims the shoes are made with “advanced comfort technology that follows the curves of your foot to improve every step you take,” and I couldn’t agree more. It feels as if the longer I wear these shoes throughout the day, the more comfortable they become, akin to sinking into a plush memory foam mattress at a five-star hotel.


To buy:, $143 (originally $150)

They fit my slightly wide feet like a glove and they’re light as a feather when I am standing upright, offering lots of stability for quick movements. As someone who is constantly in airports and trying to make connecting flights, I can assure you they’re just as comfortable while walking as they are for a brisk march, light jog, or full-on sprint when trying to catch a flight. I also have found that unlike some of my other shoes, they’re still comfy while sitting for long periods of time on a flight. Ultra soft cushioning is what makes them so pillowy soft, and they also have high shock absorption and incredible traction.

I find myself wearing these everywhere, especially on the often grimy streets of New York City, Mexico City, or Athens, Greece. One thing I really appreciate is how easy they are to clean with just a gentle wipe of sudsy soap and water.

I often wear my shoes without socks and my feet never suffer as a result in this pair. In fact, whereas the collar lining and/or tongue on some other shoes or can be uncomfortable on your feet when you wear them sans socksthe Biom 2.1 sneakers easily pass the additional comfort test. Plus, the treads have a unique honeycomb-like shape, which keeps them incredibly stable for multi-directional movement, like quickly avoiding a spill on the airport floor.


To buy:, $143 (originally $150)


To buy:, $143 (originally $150)

A reviewer on Zappos said, “They fit well and feel as though you are walking on air,”— which I can wholeheartedly confirm — while another reviewer noted, “No wonder nurses use these on their 36 hour shifts!”

The Ecco Sport Biom 2.1 Low Textile Sneakers come in four colors, including my favorite and the ones I own: Black/Morel/Moon Rock, which is a combination of black and beige with a pop of bright orange. There are also a few options in neutral black or gray tones, and some pairs have subtle pops of yellow on the outsoles. The sneakers will set you back $143 at Zappos, and if you’re a sneakerhead like me, you know it’s easy to spend to itt more than that and get a lot less quality, comfort and stability.

If you’re a fan of New Balance or Allbirds for comfort, you might wonder why you’d consider switching it up. Ecco was admittedly not on my radar up until this year, but they’re well worth checking out for both the shoes’ comfort and style.

At the time of publishing, the price was $143.

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