Should you time travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Games like Disney Dreamlight Valley take a lot of time to progress through. This is because you typically have to wait for daily resets to get items or to interact with characters. Because of how long these games can take, it has become common practice for people to use time travel as a way to get past barriers and unlock things early. This guide will show you whether or not you should take the risk and time travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What happens when you time travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

When you hear anything about time traveling in a video game, your mind probably jumps to Animal Crossing. This is because many people use time travel in Animal Crossing to take a look at the different seasons and obtain new items early. Disney Dreamlight Valley is another sim game that you can technically time travel in.

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Time travel is rather simple in a game like this. All you need to do is alter the time of your console or PC and the game will jump forward or backward in time. This will allow you to reset gifts and daily conversations with residents and increase their Friendship Level quicker. This is also a way to fix the Dream Shard glitch. However, time travel is risky.

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Unfortunately, in its current state, Disney Dreamlight Valley isn’t prepared for time-traveling players. If you attempt to time travel in Dreamlight Valley, it will break your game. While it will reset things like daily conversations, it will prevent other items like fruits and Rock Spots from respawning, preventing you from progressing in quests that require these items. This will also prevent you from being able to interact with any vegetables that you have planted before time traveling and can even mess with your Founder’s Pack Rewards If you decide to time travel, you will need to wait until the time you traveled to and the real-world time is in sync for everything to go back to normal.

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