Story of DKarts24 : Dkarts24 Founder & CEO Aswini kumar Said Past , Present , And Future


 DKarts24-The e-commerce concept gathered momentum in India half a decade back. It was a hit with the people as they readily warmed up to the idea of buying and selling products on an online marketplace instead of the traditional brick-and-mortar. 

This served many purposes — it made physical visits redundant for customers; users cheered the idea of shopping from the comfort and convenience of their home with added benefits like door service; faster-buying process; open visual listing of products and their prices; cost reduction; facilitated promotional campaigns and marketing for the entrepreneurs; and faster and wider reach that ensured brand awareness.  


In such a scenario, DKarts starting its e-commerce operation in the year 2020 was a foregone conclusion. It started with a bang from the land of the Lord Jagannath — Odisha, before it forayed full-fledged into a social e-commerce (abbreviated s-commerce) platform in 2021.


The pandemic years saw the emergence of yet another form of e-business that promises to revolutionize and democratize the e-commerce landscape in India. Social e-commerce, or s-commerce as it is popularly called, draws big support from and leverages the power of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok. It is influencer-led commerce where buyers and sellers capitalize on social media to improve their customer engagement, generate traffic and improve lead generation, increase conversions, scale up sales, ensure visibility and score high on search engine ranking. Meesho is a big player in the market and DKarts24 today is fast emerging as its close competitor, to say the least. 


The company switched gears in 2021 at a time when the conditions are most conducive and are looking up for the s-commerce market. It is a rapidly growing sector that is evolving at an equal pace. 


DKarts shifted its base of operation from Odisha to Noida in UP in 2021. Today it is growing its business by leaps and bounds with an impressive one lac plus customer base in less than a year of its operation.


As we still struggle to come to terms with the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, the world at large is witnessing a global economic downturn post-Pandemic. The scene looks equally compelling and grim in a large country like India where many are battling unemployment and poverty with sudden layoffs at the workplace, while for the rest, the future looks bleak with dismal pay cuts as uncertainty looms large before them. 

The corporate culture is being increasingly shunned by the young and the dynamic who are disillusioned with the corporate facade, deciding to plunge head-on into startups and entrepreneurships.


DKarts24 is not a regular s-com site. It operates with the nobel mission to create greater earning opportunities in a bid to resolve the current economic crisis that grips the country today. The company engages promising young minds and encourages them to start and grow their business with more like them on one common platform (DKarts). It serves as a meeting ground for high-powered minds with creative business ideas that can steer the country in a new direction in the coming years.   


Dkarts24 has an exhaustive category of buyer products that range from –

  • Men’s/women’s/kids’ fashion wear 
  • Stylish footwear
  • Lingerie and sleepwear
  • Luxurious brand of watches
  • Chic and designer jewelry
  • Health and Personal care items
  • Kitchenware
  • Beauty and Skincare products
  • Sleek gizmos and gadgets; electronic accessories
  • Baby care products
  • Food supplements


The company constantly reinvents itself – adds and expands its product base to keep up with and meet the rising demands of contemporary tastes and trends. 


Mr.Aswini Kumar, the founder and CEO of DKarts24, has an ambitious announcement to make. He claims, “We aim to start more than 10000 virtual DKarts franchises in India by FY 2022-23. A great work-from-home opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs, homemakers, retired veterans, and/or anyone who is interested to supplement their income. It never hurts to have a little extra in your bank balance, right?” He signs off.


It certainly does not sound like an overstatement given the massive customer support and appreciation, and impressive feedback/reviews it has received over the past several months, and add to it a steadily increasing customer base comprising new and repeat customers. 


Kudos to their spirit, as we all sincerely hope and pray well for this new entrant in the s-commerce block! 


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