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Diljit Dosanjh talks about his upcoming film Jogi

Singer-actor Diljit Dosanjh usually portrays happy go lucky and charming characters in his movies but in his next film ‘Jogi’, he’ll be seen in a serious role as the narrative is set during the anti Sikh massacre of 1984. In a recent conversation with PTI, Diljit talked about how the trauma of what happened in 1984, still haunts Sikh people.

The actor stated, “We all have heard a lot of stories and we couldn’t believe something like this can happen in life. But, anything can happen. This is not a new story. This film is also talking about the same things that we have grown up listening to.”

Sharing that his film is an attempt to spread positivity, Diljit said, “Whatever has happened is there for everyone to see. We have always given a message of positivity. Like in gurudwara, when you seek blessings and then when you are part of a ‘langar’, where everyone sits together to eat food, this is a message of positivity.”

He concluded by saying, “We all should know about history. Cinema is a medium where we make light hearted and fun-loving movies. But we should also do films on such subjects from history too.”

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