On Thursday you can travel as far as you like on a single train ticket in Hungary

On Thursday’s car-free day, a single ticket will be valid for travel all day, for any distance, in any number of vehicles in Hungary, the Minister of State for Transport of the Ministry of Technology and Industry said on his Facebook page on Monday.

If a passenger buys an interurban MÁV-Start, Volánbusz, GYSEV, MÁV-HÉV ticket for any distance on Thursday, he can travel throughout the country until the end of the day.

The extra ticket for fast trains does not have to be bought separately, but the extra IC ticket, the local ticket and the long-distance bus comfort surcharge do if the ticket is not for such a train or bus on that day.

Tickets for journeys of less than 100 kilometres are valid for 4 hours only, but can be used nationally until the end of the day on 22 September, he said.

The tickets are valid in 2nd class, and a long-distance ticket converted to 1st class will only be valid in first class on the train for which it is valid; the ticket will only be valid in second class on other services during the day. The details of the promotion are available in Hungarian here: mav.hu/egyjeggyel

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