Why did Meghan Markle travel with Sophie Wessex and not Kate Middleton?

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While some members of the royal family walked in a procession behind the Queen’s coffin, others including the Princess of Wales and Duchess of Sussex travelled behind by car.

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But even though their brothers are married, Kate and Meghan didn’t travel together. Instead, Kate was in the same car as the Queen Consortwhile Meghan shared hers with the Countess of Wessex. The reason they didn’t share a car is to do with rank, with Camilla and Kate being the highest-ranking female royals, given their respective marriages to the King and their heir to the throne.

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During the procession on Wednesday, which saw the Queen’s coffin moved to lie in state as Westminster Hall, the same travel arrangement happened as well.

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During the moving ceremony on Wednesday, Meghan paid tribute to the late monarch in a subtle way with her choice of accessories.

The Duchess opted for a sleek ebony coat dress and midnight-black pillbox hat adorned with an elegant netted veil, finishing off her look with a pair of delicate pearl earrings.

Meghan and Sophie arrived together

Pearls are often referred to as ‘mourning jewellery’, a tradition that dates back to Queen Victoria’s era.

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The Duchess has previously praised the Queen’s “warm and inviting” presence in her life, adding that her late grandmother-in-law gave her “some beautiful pearl earrings and a matching necklace” for the pair’s first joint engagement together.

It is understood Meghan wore these earrings for the monarch’s lying in state procession.

The pair travelled separately

The state funeral marks the first time that Meghan has been seen with her husband, Prince Harry, since the procession.

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While Harry took part in a vigil on Saturday alongside the Queen’s other grandchildren, the spouses of the royals were not in attendance.

The pair also missed a state event held on Saturday, due to the fact that they are no longer working royals.

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