How to time travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley


The rich world of Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled with a plethora of activities for players to engage in. But, sometimes these activities may require players to practice a bit of patience.

Tasks like gardening ask players to wait for crops to grow, activities like mining and foraging have a cooldown period players must wait through for the resources to respawn, and certain assets for both quests and gameplay are only available during certain timeframes or weather types.

Thus, Dreamlight Valley players will find themselves having to wait out real time to complete many of the game’s most important aspects.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley also has a real-time clock which means the in-game time will always match up with the time of day your device is set to, which should also be the IRL time of day you are experiencing. This is a feature players regularly utilize in other games of a similar style, such as Animal Crossingto time travel.

Time travel trick in Disney Dreamlight Valleyexplained

Generally, time traveling in games is when players manually manipulate the clock on their chosen device to a different date and time. To time travel, all players need to do is change the date and time of their device to whatever date and time they wish to skip to.

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Time traveling allows players to skip hours, days, weeks, or even years ahead depending on how far they choose to take it. Doing so may reset features within a game to grant players quicker access to something or allow them access to new assets entirely.

Those looking to earn money faster, harvest crops more quickly, purchase new items, or otherwise utilize this feature to speed gameplay up may be wondering if time travel is a feature that can be utilized in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Should you time travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

While time travel is possible in Disney Dreamlight Valleyyou should not attempt to do so as it is currently game-breaking. Those who have time traveled have had very weird glitches and while time traveling does seem to reset certain aspects, such as daily conversations that will help raise your friendship with characters more quickly, it breaks many others like preventing fruit and rock spots from respawning.

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Gameloft has also stated on their Dreamlight Valley Discord channel they strongly recommend no one try time skipping because although they “understand there are many benefits to time skipping, there are also unintended errors.”

Furthermore, the devs also said that due to the title being in early access, they will not be “prioritizing issues caused by time skipping, as it is not the intended gameplay experience.”

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This means if you do decide to time travel and end up with game-breaking issues because of doing so, there will be no way to fix it. While it can be frustrating to be unable to speak to a character because they have gone to bed or to have to wait for a resource to respawn, the current consequences of time traveling are not at all worth the risk.

There is a chance Gameloft will address these issues at some point in the future and time traveling will become doable, but until this happens, players should avoid doing so unless they are willing to risk breaking their game.

How to fix time travel issues in Dreamlight Valley

Of course, many players did not know the risks or decided to go through with time traveling anyways and are now dealing with many strange issues. If this happened to you, there is only one method players have been able to utilize for fixing the issues.

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Reset or resynchronize your device’s clock back to whatever day and time you are presently in. After doing so, you will need to wait through real-time until it becomes the day and time that you previously time traveled to. Once you have waited through real-time to reach the date and time you previously attempted to time travel to, your game should go back to normal—as long as you do not attempt to time travel anymore.


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