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TuturoSmart -18 -year- old student Himaksh Sharma from Ganganagar City in Rajasthan was an MBBS aspirant; during his entrance examination, he got sick and could not perform as he could. As a result, he got a low score in his study, which was not enough to get into any prestigious government MBBS colleges in India. His father contacted us, and after a series of counseling sessions and understanding his situation, we gave him hundreds of foreign university options. 

Today Himaksh is on his route to becoming a world-class doctor with global exposure. 


It all started when an idea to help the upcoming youth of the country, also known as “the backbone of the country,” was transformed into a realistic and trustful organization that pledges to help students in their academics and also to shape their careers most progressively and fruitfully.


Yes, we are talking about TUTORS SMART, which has the vision to organize the most unorganized sector of education, and by this, we mean to manage ” the mindset of a student.”


Be it a lack of correct information, counseling, or admissions for every degree course, both undergraduate and postgraduate TUTORO SMART is there to help you out.


With hundreds of mentors like teachers, doctors from the top medical colleges, engineers from top IITs, and MBAs from prestigious foreign universities, TUTORO SMART is eager to help you in any department 

Our core team comprises a few persons with around 15 years of teaching experience at the highest level of education. Our operations and marketing are handled by a professional foreign University MBA graduate who has already ventured into three start-ups. 


From a small office set up to several franchisees in various cities in India, a student can apply to universities in India and foreign universities. 


Courses like MBBS, MBA, MCA, Engineering, forensic sciences, and many more are offered to the students, and when you think a large amount of fees is a hurdle, here comes TUTORO SMART to the rescue. It provides education loans to needy students as per convenience. Everybody knows how difficult it is to get approval for these education loans from the banks. With the appropriate documentation, one can apply easily for loans and gain admission to the top universities around the globe. 


TUTORS SMART has launched a concept of free career guidance; now imagine top-quality mentors advising you for your career and helping you to choose the most appropriate career in which you can excel and make the most of your talent. 

TUTORO SMART provides job opportunities for young and talented men and women. With the increased number of franchisees and branches in various cities in India, TUTORO SMART is always looking for talented boys and girls. 

TUTORS SMART also provides part-time jobs to college-going students to earn their pocket money with pride. TUTORS SMART also has a concept of “Work From Home,” a concept that was highlighted more after the Covid. Still, we have realized that many job seekers, specifically household women, cannot come to the office at work. So TUTORO SMART must nurture their talents accordingly. 


In short, TUTORO SMART is ready to help students, guide them, and, most importantly, educate the parents about the best options for their ward’s career. Our expert guidance ensures every student makes an informed decision.


Our vision is precise and clear. We sincerely hope that readers will understand our concept and will help us to enlighten more and more youth of the country. 

Our appetite for happy testimonies is endless. Just like Himaksh, we have created many smiling faces and understood a student’s fundamental problems. 


So please sit back, relax, and call our TUTORO SMART executives for your ward’s successful educational journey.


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