America’s Top 10 Baby-Friendly Travel Destinations


If you are a new parent looking to get away, the list of things to consider when planning your next family vacation can be lengthy. From how best to travel with baby to where to stay and what to do, toting around a little one on your next trip requires a little extra planning.

To aid new parents in deciding where to take their next post-baby vacay, airport parking service, Airport Parking Reservations, recently compiled a list of the top 10 baby-friendly destinations in the USFor the study researchers ranked each of the 50 states based on a variety of baby and family-friendly metrics.

These five baby-friendly metrics were considered:

  • Percentage of hotels with family-friendly rooms
  • Safety index
  • Average temperature
  • Average rainfall
  • Number of baby-friendly activities

Based on a combination of these metrics, each state was awarded a baby-friendly travel score out of 10.

With a score of 7.06, researchers found that Nevada was the most baby-friendly. Nevada’s plethora of family-friendly activities, fair climate and scenic landscapes earn it the top spot. Home of “the city that never sleeps” and a favorite among tourists of all ages, New York shares second place with Utah. Although weather and safety occasionally prove to be a challenge, New York boasts 1,768 baby-friendly activities, and 44 percent of hotels in the state offer family rooms. Utah, on the other hand, touts a high safety score and plenty of outdoor activities.

Overall the data pointed to 10 very different states as the best destinations to travel to with baby—from unexpected locales like Wyoming to popular spots like California.

Top 10 Baby-Friendly Travel Destinations in the US

  1. Nevada
  2. New York
  3. Utah
  4. Illinois
  5. Indiana
  6. Iowa
  7. Wyoming
  8. Connecticut
  9. California
  10. Washington

You can see the full list of rankings here. For help along your journey, check out these 8 Must-Haves for Traveling with Baby.


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