Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Time Travel


Want to know how to Time Travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley? During the passage of Disney Dreamlight Valleyyou have to complete many tasks, ranging from completing quests to farming and clearing the area. In addition, you can also open chests once a day or chat with characters to increase your friendship level. But despite all this, all these processes are quite time-consuming, or rather, you have to wait a long time before your crop grows, or you can talk to the character again. Luckily or not, you can Time Travel to Disney Dreamlight Valleyand our guide will help you with this and tell you why you shouldn’t.

How to Time Travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

First of all, it is worth noting that the developers do not prohibit players from Time Travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Since the game is not multiplayer, this process does not harm other players. Therefore, the developers do not create any protective mechanisms, and you can easy to Time Travel. At the same time, the developers have clarified in one of their videos that Time Travel is not an intended game feature, and in case of problems, they are not responsible for the consequences.

To Time Travel in Disney Dreamlight Valleyyou must manually set the time on your device. You can change the time by half an hour to harvest the ripened crop. Change the time to a day to have daily conversations with the characters and increase the level of friendship. You can also change the time to a specific time of day to, for example, complete a search quest for Sunstone Fragments.

But despite the advantages of Time Travel in Disney Dreamlight Valleyyou should not abuse this game mechanic. Moreover, we advise you never to resort to this method of accelerating game progress. Since this mechanic is not an official part of the gameplay, you can encounter many bugs and errors, and some can be fatal to your game progress.


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Among the most common problems that players face are problems with the respawning of black stones in some locations. Fortunately, this problem is often temporary and goes away after 1-2 days. In addition, it also happens that some or all of the consumable resources will stop respawning. In this case, your gameplay will end as soon as all the materials are over. There may also be problems with characters and many other bugs, including the fact that the game will stop starting. However, it may be that you will not encounter problems, even after hundreds of times pass. Therefore, it all depends on your luck, and you can Time Travel at your own risk.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available in Early Access for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.


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