Watch Ads and Earn Money, Soon to Be Available Across the Country

As a student one of the most important concerns is money, who would mind having extra bucks? No one. This is a story of a boy who made it is easy for college and school students to earn and have some extra bucks in their pocket. Roshan, then an engineering student and now the founder and CEO of Red Start  Tech. Roshan stated the company with his friend and now co-founder Nitesh Yadav. They noticed as a student that while looking for methods to make money, students are also constantly browsing and swiping their phones for no apparent purpose.

Roshan did nothing less than a miracle when he mixed mobile scrolling and earning. He came up with an idea that could aid students financially. He developed a software, Red Star Tech where people could watch ads and earn as much as a thousand or more a day. It was a totally different concept and way of looking about income.

He was called out when he initially started, and some people still think it’s a fraud now. However, people who have put a lot of effort into it are fully aware of how genuine it is. Students nowadays are not the only ones who gain immensely from it; housewives, working people from both urban and rural regions and those looking for a passive income also do.

The idea of making money was appealing, but many people did not believe it and believed that it was something that could never be successful and no one would ever earn a penny from this. However, all of this was proven false. When Roshan shared this idea with his friend Nitesh Yadav, he too agreed and acknowledged his  ideologies. Subsequently, both friends became cofounders. After six months, he received investment of Rs. 10 lac, and as of right now, 10 angel investors are sponsoring Red Star Tech, together with the Haryana government.

The first obstacle was finance, but it turned out to be more difficult than it seemed. Due to the scale and potential of this project, no one was prepared to provide funding; many potential investors had their doubts and some even made light of the notion, but he proved them all wrong.

It was his Jigri Yaar, Chaar Yaar who helped him raise his venture. He credits his friends, Amit Pathak, Abhishek Gupta, Nitesh Yadav and Ankit Yadav to the success of his venture even today they are working together. Roshan says, “They were by backbone, they supported me during my journey when no one else. I thank each one of them with my heart.” It was a rare idea indeed but what is rarer is to find a true friendship. 

Roshan has gone a long way—from nothing to hero, from nothing to creating an empire where people would watch advertisements and make money. Elon Musk serves as an inspiration for him, and he respects him.

The programme is only now operational in Haryana, but it will soon be accessible throughout the entire nation. The business is making preparations to ensure that it goes live in January so that citizens all throughout the nation may profit.

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