FASTRACK -Any organization that frequently encounters various legal challenges while conducting business should consider access to legal services. By identifying risks and offering risk mitigation, legal consultants can address the issues to the client’s satisfaction and security in today’s economy. Concentrating on providing top-notch legal services, one of the newest legal consulting companies in India is Fastrack Legal Solutions.  A Delhi-based law firm, it handles a wide range of legal issues, including commercial lawsuits such as arbitration disputes, criminal litigation, and corporate legal services like negotiations, mediation, contract management and payroll management under commercial litigation and law. 

The firm offers consulting services for newly formed startups throughout their registration and operations.  Fastrack Legal Solutions is a firm initiated by an “Army Brat”. Advocate Govind Bali is an alumnus of Army Public School, Mhow. Being an Indian Army Officer’s Son and Brother makes him closely associated with the “Institution”. He has spent his whole life learning from the Military Leaders of the highest Professional, Intellectual, Physical and Moral calibre. The Institutions’ selflessness, discipline, loyalty, foresightedness and innovative mind-set has inspired the managing partner of Fastrack Legal Solutions at every facet of his life. He has always tried to incorporate those qualities not only in his life but also in his legal environment.  

ONE GO-TO FOR ALL LEGAL NEEDS Fastrack legal solutions provides services for intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, and copyrights), bail cases, family law, arbitration, GST and local taxes. It is the youngest firm to take the case to the United Nations and they are on the panel of most Indian banks, including HDFC, Axis Bank, and Yes Bank to handle their legal Matters. Therefore, all legal matters are handled, from CBI to session court, even affidavits and summons Fastrack Legal Solutions stands out from other consulting firms due to its emphasis on swift justice. 

They never make false promises and are trustworthy with their client. The employees of the firm do their jobs honestly. They won’t lie to their clients if there hasn’t been a hearing, or pretend to make a false decision. Time and the pointed crest are the firm’s primary concerns. In the constrained period, Fastrack Legal Solutions focuses more on obtaining the vortex for the client’s benefit. Due to the fact that outcomes in court can sometimes be negative, the company has frequently worked on pro bono cases. 

The Fastrack legal solutions have gained recognition and significantly increased goodwill as a result of these pro bono cases. “The legal industry is going to be more equivalent over the years, and with the combination of AI, the process is going to be faster with the regime, even though the Supreme Court or the Chief Justice are coming from a better and different background altogether. As a result, there is a lot of hope that the system will pick up more quickly and that access to justice will increase with the number of mergers and acquisitions that are taking place in the country, as there is a lot of room for corporate litigation and transactional law to take place”, states Govind Bali, Advocate Managing Partner, Fastrack Legal Solutions. Furthermore, the firm expects a potential client to be open and honest in letting the consultant know what they need; if they can articulate their expectations, it can be worked. However, there are situations when the client’s intentions are murky, and they also wants to penalize the other party. On the other hand, he/she also asks for compensation for the harm done to him. As a result, the client’s requirements must be crystal clear and the client must disclose all pertinent data and information to advocates transparently. Ultimately, it can be concluded that Fastrack Legal Solutions is true to its tagline “justice delayed is justice denied”.  In the next five years, firm aspires to be the one-stop shop for all legal needs. By offering high-quality services at a more affordable price than other significant legal companies in the market, Fastrack Legal Solutions is attempting to work with large corporations and small start-ups to deliver comparable quantities of services at prices everyone can afford. Fastrack Legal Solutions plans to have an office in 17 places on a franchise model; currently it has an office in Delhi, Noida and Jalandhar. In addition, the founder has received many awards in legal services; some of the awards are the Asia icon Award and the nation’s Icon Award.


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