Toddler falls out of moving car in viral video from China. Internet points out something shocking

A startling video from China has been doing the rounds of the internet. It shows a toddler falling out of a car window at a traffic junction on a busy road. The video is purportedly from China’s Ningbo. While it is really strange that the driver did not stop the car to pick the baby up, a few others crossing the busy road rushed to the toddler’s rescue. The baby has miraculously survived the accident. The video was shared on Twitter by Siraj Noorani.

The video shows a car slowing down at a traffic point and you can also see the baby leaning out of the vehicle’s window. In the next moment, you see the baby falling out of the car. You can see the baby crying but the driver of the car pulls away without a care. People from other cars rushed to help the baby. The South China Morning Post said that the toddler was taken to a local hospital and she sustained only minor injuries. The incident was captured by a CCTV camera installed at the traffic junction.

Watch the video here:

While a section of the internet seemed concerned about the child’s well-being, others pointed out something seriously shocking. They were of the opinion that the child was actually pushed out of the window by someone on purpose, which is why no one stopped the vehicle.

“If we take a close look the girl seems to have been pushed out not slipped out! The car was at a stop light when the incident occurred and one can see the car driving away! Look at the baby kicking his/her legs as in a tantrum or anger. Those in car didn’t care,” a user wrote.

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