Web3 Is Redefing The Fashion Industry


Is digital fashion in demand? According to Gala Marija Vrbanic, CEO and Founder of Tribute Brand, the answer is yes. She’s also proving that digital fashion is not just a future concept. “Right now everything is sold out” she explains as the brand is preparing for its next drop.

After raising $4.5 million dollars earlier this summer, the innovative fashion brand looks to make a bold statement:

“We are going to redefine how fashion is consumed.”

Gala Marija Vrbanic, Founder & CEO of Tribute Brand

The Tribute Brand team is composed of some of the most creative minds in fashion. They have come together to create a brand that is both unique and stylish. With their cutting-edge designs, they are sure to turn heads wherever they go.

Tribute Brand, Web3 Digital Fashion

What sets Tribute Brand apart from other brands is its use of technology. They are constantly looking for ways to improve the shopping experience for their customers. By using blockchain technology, they can provide a secure and efficient way for customers to purchase their products.

Tribute Brand is on the cutting edge of fashion and they are here to stay. Be sure to check out their website and see what all the hype is about: tribute-brand.com

No Longer Are We Bound By Physical Clothing

As pioneers of the new phase of fashion, futurism-themed high-end designs from the brand have set the pace for other brands to follow. The garments are a perfect conversation starter that often results in people doing double takes.

The ensembles behave as the utility while the fashion is the luxury that allows the user to be expressive, no matter what the medium may be. Whether it be in a metaverse gala, the physical world, or even in one’s creative dreams, Tribute Brand can take you there.

Although Tribute Brand is leading the way in fashion tech, they are not just a “digital” fashion brand but rather a fashion brand with a digital premise.

Rather than adding new technology-based aspects to fashion, Tribute Brand is creating an entirely new paradigm of fashion altogether. No longer will we be bound by physical clothing for fashion.

This will improve the societal impact of the fashion market by making it more accessible, fairer, and inclusive. Gender, sex, and size will no longer be a factor in determining if a style is meant for you.

The advent of digital fashion will increase the transparency of the industry, giving consumers more information about the brands they purchase from. This will also allow for a more sustainable fashion industry, as we will no longer need to produce as much clothing.

NFTs Will Play A Big Role In Fashion

NFTs will play a big role in the future of fashion. Tribute Brand has already started to experiment with this technology by verifying the authenticity of their products with an NFT. This will help to combat counterfeiting and allow customers to be sure they are getting a genuine product.

The future of digital fashion is one we should embrace. With no need for production or shipping, it is available without restrictions to everyone. By breaking the physical and social barriers that trapped the potential of fashion, Tribute Brand is opening a new world of creativity, self-expression, and inclusivity.

Tribute Brand, Web3 Digital Fashion

Check out our exclusive interview with the Founder of Tribute Brand, Gala Marija Vrbanic  to get deeper insight about her disruptive fashion company, Tribute Brand.

Explain to us what exactly is ‘digital fashion?’ The ‘Tribute Brand’ definition.

Our goal is to remove the word ‘digital’ out of digital fashion. So I would just say it’s fashion elevated to a new medium, disconnected from clothing.

How does your software work?

We’ve developed our proprietary technology for AR, meaning you can wear our items over your physical body using AR. But this is not the main focus, it’s just the utility of how you can use our items as “fashion.”

How can someone access your digital apparel?

Right now everything is sold out. Later this year we are going live with our new platform and a drop.

What fashion brands do you work with already?

We did collaborations with Jean Paul Gaultier and Carolina Herrera.

How do you see this effecting mainstream social media?

For fashion to work, it has to be in the places where you socialize, easy and low effort. This is why fashion is not on the streets anymore, and why PFPs are having a huge success at the moment.

You’ve just raised $4.5m – how are you investing this money?

To release the technology we’ve been developing over the last couple of years.

How do you think this technology will affect IRL fashion shows?

They won’t exist in the current concept, for sure.

Do you believe that digital apparel will merge with physical merchandise? If so, how?

Not merge. Physical is the utility, as same as your avatar or AR skin is.

How do NFTs play into this?

Protocol. Proof that you own a part of our brand, and you don’t need a jacquard label for that.

Can you reveal to us your next big project?

We’re set out to launch later this year. We are going to redefine how fashion is consumed.

Are you a Blockchain Hustler? (Aka Blockster)

I am.

Closing Thoughts

As we experience a new age of fashion, the main points from this interview are that fashion will no longer be based on clothing, but rather an experience that is elevated to a new medium.

Gala Marija Vrbanic believes that the future of fashion will be based on how we consume it, rather than just the clothing itself. The focus on social expression without boundaries and inclusivity will be key in this new age of fashion, and after selling out their first collection, it’s clear that the Tribute Brand is leading the way in this new era.

Tribute Brand, Web3 Digital Fashion

Additionally, NFTs will play a big role in this new age of fashion as a way to prove ownership and create a new standard for the industry. Traditionally, counterfeits plagued the fashion industry, but with NFTs, we can be sure that what we’re buying is the real deal.

Tribute Band is redefining fashion. Through an elegant convergence of AR, CGI 3D modeling, blockchain, and code engineering they are creating a new medium for fashion that will socialize fashion IRL, on social media, and in the metaverse. No more basic wear, but rather haute couture for the digital age.

With collaborations with other mainstream brands and a strong presence in metaverse domains such as Decentraland, Tribute Brand is quickly becoming the front runners of not just digital fashion, but fashion. Period.

Some may call Gala Marija Vrbanic a genius, as she innovates into the new era and leads the evolution of fashion. Although skeptics might be quick to dismiss the potential of this evolution — after hearing her speak in her TED Talk, it’s hard to deny that the future of fashion is in good hands.

If you are a blockchain hustler or ‘Blockster’, then this is a brand you definitely want to get behind. And if you are coming from the traditional fashion world, then Tribute Brand is a brand you need to keep an eye on as they are paving the way for a new future of fashion.

With $4.5 million in support from various DAOs including Red DAO, Tribute Brand is well on its way to success. Stay tuned for their next project which they promise will redefine how we consume fashion.


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