Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Unlock Fast Travel | Wishing Well Guide

Slow travel not good enough? How about some fast travel.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now on Xbox Game Pass, and while the game isn’t 100% complete, you can still enjoy exploring the world of Disney, making friends with classic characters and building up your new home. Unfortunately, you can’t really sprint around — making your character pretty slow. The only way to get around faster is with Wishing Wells. There are 8 realms and each one has a cursed Wishing Well you need to cleanse. Cleansing the well unlocks a fast-travel point for easier exploration, and the more areas you have unlocked, the cooler stuff you can find and quests you can complete. There’s a lot you need to know about unlocking fast-travel, with a two-step quest process before you can begin zipping around.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a chill mix of Animal Crossing and Stardew Valleyexcept with Disney characters and locations to explore. The game is squarely focused on your fond Disney nostalgia and attacks it ruthlessly with memorable characters and gently paced adventures — this game is all about enjoying your day with your old pals like Goofy, Scrooge McDuck, and more. It is a potent mixture that has us eager to see what comes next in future updates.

How To Unlock Fast Travel | Wishing Well Guide

There are two types of fast-travel options to get you around the realms quicker. You can use the Dream Castle or you can use Wishing Wells — the Dream Castle allows you to travel to any realms you’ve unlocked and the Wishing Wells. You’ll be unlocking the Dream Castle first, so let’s start there.

  • Unlocking The Dream Castle & Realm Fast Travel
    • Unlocking the Dream Castle gives you access to fast-travel. But you’ll need to cleanse the thorns around the castle first.
    • Talk to Merlin outside the castle to begin the “The Dream Castle” quest. Complete activities and quests to earn Dreamlight — use 2,000 to cleanse castle and gain access.
    • Inside the castle you’ll be able to select your first Disney realm to explore.

Getting the Dream Castle unlocked is just the start. Next, you’ll need to activate Wishing Wells in all 8 locations — they’re basically impossible to miss. Unlocking them can be a challenge.

  • Unlocking Wishing Wells | Fast-Travel Landmarks
    • After unlocking the Dream Castletravel to a realm to begin the “Friendship Is Everything” quest from Merlin.
    • To complete this quest, you need to reach Friendship Level 5 with x3 Villagers in the realm.
    • Return to Merlin and you’ll be sent to collect the Orb of Friendship. Collect it from the purple vines and place it in the pillar to clear the area of thorns.
    • Next, return to Merlin at the Wishing Well.

Talking to Merlin causes him to magically repair the Wishing Well fully. For your first Wishing Well, Merlin repairs the well for free. All future Wishing Wells must be repaired by Scrooge McDuck and he’ll demand coins for the repairs. Save up your coins if you want to travel around faster!

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