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The whole thing began with a desire to travel. When Sean Collins, Surfline’s founder, sat on the roof of his house in Seal Beach and started taking notes about how swells showed up at his home beach, he wasn’t just learning to forecast. He was trying to figure out when would be the best time to leave — go hunting waves in places he couldn’t possibly check. Things are different now, but Sean’s travel dream still lives for so many of us, maybe now more than ever — that dream of another wave, over the headland, or the ocean, or the world.

Sean always wanted us to build the ultimate in connective travel experiences. That’s probably why to all of us here, Surfline Travel felt like a natural step. It’s taken a while, but once you’re inside and looking around, we think you’ll see why. Deep dives into 32 of the world’s finest surf travel zones, from Mexico to Australia to Indonesia to Hawaii to Europe to … well, where do you want to go? Advice from the locals. Detailed analysis of hundreds of surf spots. Over 35 years of learnings on when’s best, where, and why, for whatever kind of surf trip you’re thinking of taking. And easy access to bookings near the spots you want to surf — with more options coming soon.

Surfline Travel. Because the world needs more surf trips.


A few of our favorite zones:

West Bali | Fiji | El Salvador | Portugal | The Maldives | Gold Coast

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