How to fast travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley is quite an expansive world that already boasts a total of eight different biomes players can traverse through. Considering the massive amount of characters already leaked for the future of Disney Dreamlight Valleyit’s likely that even more biomes may be added to the already massive world alongside them.

While it can be helpful to walk all the way to each biome in Disney Dreamlight Valley so you can gather important resources along the way, it can also sometimes be tiring, and players may find that they wish to reach their destination faster. Luckily, Disney Dreamlight Valley has the ability for players to fast travel to teleport wherever they’re trying to go instantly.

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To get around faster in Disney Dreamlight Valleyplayers have the option of utilizing one of two fast travel methods. Both require players to first open up their map.

  • Players can click directly on any circular purple Wishing Well icon located on the map to instantly travel to the chosen Wishing Well.
  • Players can select the fast travel option located in the bottom right corner of their screen on the map page to choose any biome they have unlocked a Wishing Well within to travel to. With this option, players can also visit any of the realms they have unlocked that are home to various Disney characters located in the Dream Castle.
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The ability to fast travel to any biome in Disney Dreamlight Valley is not immediately available, however. Players will first need to complete a few starting quests and tasks before they can then unlock the Wishing Well in the biome they are hoping to travel to.

How to unlock fast travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There’s one Wishing Well situated in every biome of Dreamlight Valley. Before they can be used for fast travel, players will first have to complete a quest from Merlin called “Friendship Is Everything.”

A few steps are required to attain and complete this quest.

  • Players first need to attain enough Dreamlight to unlock the Dream Castle. Once there, players will need to visit the realm of one of the three starting choices.
  • Then, players can return to Dreamlight Valley and Merlin will grant them the “Friendship Is Everything” quest, which will eventually lead to unlocking the fast travel ability.
  • The goal of this quest is to attain the missing Orb from the Pillar of Friendship. This can be done by reaching level five friendship with any three Dreamlight Valley villagers.
  • Once you have obtained the Orb and placed it back in the pillar where it belongs, you will then unlock the ability to visit new biomes, and thus the fast travel feature will become fully available and entirely usable for the Wishing Wells that you unlock.
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How to unlock Wishing Wells in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After unlocking new biomes, players will still need to clear and repair the Wishing Well that exists within each biome before they can be utilized for fast travel. A broken Wishing Well will have a Scrooge McDuck sign in front of it that players can click on to summon the money tycoon.

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Scrooge McDuck will then ask players for a varying amount of Star Coins to repair the Wishing Well. If you do not have the required Star Coins, you can simply say no and pay for it whenever you do have the funds.

After paying Scrooge McDuck the requested amount, the Wishing Well will instantly be fixed and players will then be able to fast travel to the biome where it’s located whenever they desire to do so. It can also be freely moved around the biome it is situated in, which means you can choose exactly where you teleport to within each biome.

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