AAA: Best Start Booking For Holiday Travel Now

After a year of canceled flights, many travelers are already making arrangements for the holidays. AAA of Michigan spokesperson Adrienne Woodland tells us the latest survey finds 42% of those planning to travel for Thanksgiving have already booked. She says that’s a good idea.

“Especially for travelers expecting to fly for Thanksgiving, they should really start locking in those plans now,” Woodland said. “With airline staffing shortages that have resulted in fewer flights and higher prices. As we get closer to the holidays, airfares are likely to get even more expensive.”

Woodland says flights in the afternoon or at night are more likely to get canceled. So, the morning is your best bet. She says another tip is to leave a day earlier than you otherwise would have planned. That way, you have some wiggle room if a flight is delayed. 33% of travelers have already made arrangements for Christmas as well.

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