How I Am Reducing the Stress of Returning to Business Travel

As I loaded my laptop, iPad and toiletries back into my carry-on bag after passing through airport security, the fellow packing up next to me commented on one of my gadgets. Before I knew it, we were deep in conversation about our respective experiences in the tech world. After two years without business travel, I was ravenous for the excitement of establishing a new professional connection.

But the flip side of excitement is anxiety—and my return to business travel has brought plenty of it. Do I still take taxis and limos, or will I commit to car rentals to avoid Covid risks and the nauseating experience of being a masked passenger? How will my kids handle my weeklong absence after two years of extreme togetherness? When is it worth the risk of taking off my mask in a room full of strangers? And of course: What on earth will I wear?

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