September 2022 – Nadmac Pvt Ltd’s Managing Director Nahid Kaleem launches Professional Nails & Permanent Makeup range of products in India.

 September 2022 – Nadmac Pvt ltd launches two new brand categories by the name of “Nad Nails” – a professional range of Nail Art & Extension and “Permanent Makeup by Nad” products cum tools. The company’s focus shall be to sell international quality of products and provide thorough professional training to fill the vocational education gap and allot jobs to hundreds of youth interested in the beauty sector and also help salon owners to get updated with latest trends through its refresher training program. 


At the launch of “Nad Nails”, managing director of Nadmac Pvt Ltd Miss Nahid Kaleem said “After the great success of Nad Lash EyeLash Extensions & entering in hundreds of Salons across 30+ cities in India; I am glad to launch our new brand Nad Nails this month. We shall also be launching our 3rd brand “Permanent Makeup by Nad” in October 2022. I hope that everyone will love our new category and range of products the way they loved Nad Lash Extensions”. In the upcoming and current category the Company’s focus would be on two important elements I,e. Product quality and training quality. Our continuous efforts in Nad Lash is to keep both the above mentioned elements in mind. Customer feedback has been the most essential thing for our growth; as we always innovate and launch new techniques and 


products as per the demands”


Nadmac Pvt Ltd launched its Vegan EyeLash Extension brand “Nad Lash” during the critical covid impact time in 2020 and has taken the EyeLash Extension Industry with a storm by providing international level of education and fabulous products. Nad Lash is present in many branded chain and stand alone salons; wherein the Salon Owners and Technicians swear by this fantastic products. Another important reason Nadlash has a great relationship with all Salon Partners is their after sale services and refresher training time to time which allows the Salon Owner to confidently introduce such premium products at their salon that increases their revenue.


Nadmac Pvt Ltd plans to open its Academy too very shortly where the company’s goal will be to create Lash, Nails & Pmu artists with their rigorous training program. The Company also plans to educate those students free of cost at this Academy who cannot afford the fee but have the willpower to do something for themselves and for their family. The motive is to spread vocational training and provide jobs.


Nadmac Pvt Ltd plans to launch hundreds of SKUs in beauty and Fashion segments across multiple categories that shall give great quality products to the customer and also create jobs. Nahid Kaleem is very much a Fashion and beauty 


Enthusiast who wants to do everything in her life based on her passion. Nadmac Pvt Ltd allots a specific percentage of its profits to Charity for the poor.


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