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Get A Chance To Play Modern Ludo Through Fantasy Ludo

Fantasy games, whose demand is increasing very much in today’s time. And Ludo has become an essential part of our life, which has become our source of entertainment. Fantasy Ludo is itself a known level of mind ludo gaming. All of you are also seeing the rising era of today, how everyone is increasing. The online gaming platform has also carved a niche for itself. Where we have been seeing new games day by day. And the gaming world has changed the entire game’s format, where we get to see more than one unique way. 


Play Modern Ludo Games Online – Ludo Reimagined

Ludo online saved the day when the pandemic hit and everyone were trapped inside their homes. It’s probable that you, too, would have spent countless hours playing online Ludo games on your phone with total strangers if you had been in India.


The use of the name Ludo increased like never before. Even the creators of the Ludo game apps were surprised. By May 2020, FK Ludo, a well-known Ludo gaming app, had a staggering 100 thousand daily active users. Among the countless Ludo games that are available online, one of its Ludo games has gained popularity.


You did indeed guess correctly. It is the fantasy Ludo. It has received more than 14,177,664 downloads and has 5,73,880 active users, making it the most downloaded Ludo game. Even better than the standard Ludo, perhaps?


Earn Money By Fantasy Ludo

The idea of making extra money or supporting yourself has been on everyone’s mind. In addition to helping the family, making a profit has many benefits, such as teaching you the value of the money you worked hard for and valuable time management skills. It is possible to make ludo money by playing online ludo games. Most people want to play online games, and getting paid is a huge perk. 


We switched from enjoying physical games to playing digital ones as technology developed. In the past, players used to sit together to play the game of Ludo, but that is no longer the case. Due to its compatibility with laptops, desktops, and portable devices, Ludo apps are highly sought after. Let’s look at a few ways to make money while playing online Ludo.


Online Version Comes With A Twist

The Ludo you play today is not the same as the Ludo you used to play with your pals on weekends and holidays. Players have been modifying the game over time to make it ideal and engaging. Ludo is a shared board game that can be played in single-player or multiplayer mode and is available on several websites, which initially drew me to it. 

Due to the convenience of playing with friends at home rather than going outside and dealing with pandemics in person, the online board game ludo became extremely popular during the pandemic. During this time, the number of active users grew dramatically until a few months before it was deemed safe.


Classic Ludo Vs. Online gameplay (FK Ludo)

Difference Between Offline Ludo and Online Fantasy Ludo:


Regular Ludo 

  • The game begins with a six
  • Need a six to unlock every pawn
  • Time is not specified. It can go on for hours 
  • All players need to be physically present
  • Luck determines the values on the dice 
  • The game-winner is decided based on who can take all the pawns to the home column first
  • Probably no winning money involved 
  • No playtime during the day


FK Ludo 

  • The position of every pawn is open. I don’t need a six.
  • You can start using the pawns for any value on the dice without having to roll a six.
  • Two players play for eight minutes, while four players play for ten.
  • able to play online with random players
  • Each player receives the same number of values on their dice but in a different order.
  • Who wins the game is determined by the scoring system.
  • Potential winnings of up to 5 lakhs!
  • All-day tournaments are life.




As you all have also seen, that fantasy ludo game has become a favorite game of today. And because of this, we have come to know about Ludo also that there are more Ludo in today’s time. This also gives us a chance to earn money with many benefits. You can download Fantasy Khiladi ludo app here.


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