Members of ALS support group travel near and far for in-person retreat

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – Members of ‘Her ALS Story,’ a support group for women diagnosed with ALS, traveled from around the country to gather together here in Madison.

Those involved in the group cultivate relationships with one another by talking about their journey’s, challenging stereotypes about ALS and raising money to support those facing the incurable disease.

Erin Vierstra, a member of the group who coordinated this week’s retreat, said it is critical for those with ALS to find a community that knows what each other is going through.

“It’s really empowering and it’s really helpful,” she said. “Because it’s a very isolating disease, but I don’t feel that way because I have these girls.”

Those gathering this week will partake in a variety of events that Vierstra planned including happy hours, a pontoon boat ride, and spa services.

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