U.S. Issues 9 New Travel Advisory Updates For September


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The United States has issued 9 new travel advisory updates for September. The updates, which were posted onto the State Department’s website just yesterday, were issued as we enter a busy fall and winter period of international travel and could have a significant impact on the travel plans of many. A diverse range of countries were affected, from stunning Caribbean islands to a pair of African gems that could be on the radar for fans of traveling off path. Here’s a look at which countries were affected by yesterday’s updates.

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Latest Travel Advisories – Information For Travelers

Cape Verde received a Level 1 travel warning in yesterday’s update, highlighting the destination as one of the safest places to visit in the world. The stunning archipelago, which is located off the eastern coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean, is home to areas that have more risk than others, with arrivals asked to exercise increased caution in the capital city of Praia due to crime, such as burglary, armed robbery, and assault. According to the CDC, Cabo Verde has a low level of Covid-19.

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Another stunning collection of islands to receive a Level 1 update was Fiji. Those traveling to the 300-island archipelago – which is situated 1,100 nautical miles north of New Zealand – are recommended to exercise normal precautions, allowing them to explore the country’s clear lagoons, coral reefs, and stunning beaches with relative peace of mind. The CDC indicates that there is a moderate level of Covid-19 in Fiji.

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Kuwait and Mauritius have also been handed Level 1 travel advisory updates by the State Department. However, that doesn’t mean that travel to these destinations is completely without risk. Those heading to Kuwait have been warned not to travel to the border with Iraq due to the prevalence of unexploded ordnance, while travelers going to Mauritius should be aware of the country’s high level of Covid-19. Kuwait has a low level of Covid-19, according to the CDC.

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Two Caribbean spots that are popular with cruise ships were also handed Level 1 travel advisories as a part of yesterday’s updates. Both Saint Kitts and Nevis and St Martin were designated as Level 1 countries, with the CDC adding that the two countries have a moderate level of Covid-19 at present.

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Namibia and Morocco have also been awarded Level 1 and Level 2 travel advisories, respectively. The two destinations are amongst the hottest places to visit in Africa; few who visit Morocco fail to leave anything other than transfixed by its stunning architecture and the magical blue city, while Namibia’s stunning national parks are amongst the best in the continent. Now, travelers can visit both safely in the knowledge that they are considered amongst the safest destinations by the State Department. Both countries have a low level of Covid-19, but those heading to Morocco should exercise increased caution due to the risk of terrorism.

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Only one country was placed in the Level 3 category, which carries a recommendation that travelers should reconsider their travel plans. Travelers should reconsider travel to Mauritania due to crime and terrorism, while some areas have been designated as off-limits by the Mauritanian military. According to the country’s travel advisory page, violent crimes, such as mugging, armed robbery, and assault, are common. The country has a moderate level of Covid-19.

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Fortunately, no countries were placed in Level 4 during the most recent round of updates – a stark contrast to the situation at the height of the pandemic when plenty of destinations were tarred with a Do Not Travel warning on an almost weekly basis. Travelers should always make sure that they read the travel advisory pages of whatever destinations they are planning to visit to ensure that they are aware of potential issues they may encounter and to help them make an informed decision about whether to go through with their travel plans or not.

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