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Aarogyashaktiee Healthy Foods is an organization that believes in the power of change, and nothing can change your life like a healthy diet. Their focus is to deliver high-quality results that transform the landscape of dietary needs of individuals in India. 


Aarogyashaktiee started its operations in a small office in Pune in 2017 with the goal to eradicate and fight against diabetes by providing healthy sugar substitutes to satisfy their cravings and also delivering high-protein healthy foods throughout the country. To this date, they have satisfied more than 10,000 customers with their healthy products! 


During our chat, Mr Raghunath Deshpande (Founder and Managing Director) expressed that ” Our goal has always been to cater to diabetic-friendly products, organic food, healthy and vegan snacks. With our passion and mission, we have managed to hoist our name in people’s minds as a synonym for quality and taste.”


Aarogyashaktiee as the name implies believes in nutritious and healthy food which are beneficial and provides you with high protein and vitamins. Aarogyashaktiee is also very socially impactful, they supply their products to all the diabetes camps and organizations like Freedom From Diabetes (FFD) to help and aware everyone by showcasing their products like cookies infused jaggery as it is not harmful to ingest as much sugar is! 


They use a very creative way to reach their customers, you have to text on WhatsApp to order, and the product will be delivered to your doorstep. He mentioned “Everybody is busy nowadays to walk in the store – read the ingredients and buy the product, so we decided to offer the products to the customers instead of them coming to us. You just have to text and we will send you the list of products we offer with their respective prices and ingredients… It’s a one-stop solution for our consumers!”


We were really curious to find out what made him start the company so we just went ahead and asked “Hope you don’t mind me asking but why did you start your company?” He replied “Well, so I have some relatives in my family who suffer from diabetes, and as they have to maintain their sugar levels they have to suppress their craving for sweet dishes. Sometimes it would be really hard for them and after having the sugary treats their sugar levels and cholesterol would increase furiously. So something in my brain just sparked up and I thought there has to be a healthier substitute for sugar. Of course, I knew about jaggery and I still was searching and came around the product called ‘Stevia’. I researched further about it and came to know that ‘Stevia’ is a natural sweetener linked to numerous benefits, including lower blood sugar levels. So I tried to bake some cookies with my wife by mixing them with jaggery and found out that it is just as delicious and satisfying as a normal cookie infused with sugar. I knew there was a bright future ahead in this business not only in terms of profitability but also by helping people suffering from diseases.”


The Mission of Aarogyashaktiee is to assist every consumer to have an excellent unforgettable experience and their vision is to make a positive difference for their customers and employees. They value their customers and are forthright, truthful, and just. Whatever it is that they’re doing together, it’s going to be done well and with care.


Mr Deshpande brought up that he circulated the products to MNC HR as Diwali sweets for employees, doctors, nutritionists and fitness professionals and was overwhelmed by the reviews! He mentioned, “After circulating the products I was a little worried that what if everything fails and the whole motive of Aarogyashaktiee will be dissolved, but their review was a big sigh of relief to us because our mission was on the perfect track! We work hard and are very selective about what materials we use to manufacture our products. We offer you authentic, nutritious and natural foods by purchasing from organic farms all throughout India. We are primarily concerned with the well-being of our customers. We make sure to use ingredients like bajra, ragi, peanuts etc as it’s usually not involved in people’s daily diets. We guarantee no adverse effects will be occurred by using our products and we’re confident that this will benefit everyone who consumes it!

We offer a plethora of products even though we started with only sweet dishes but now we offer more than 100+ products throughout India. Every single product of ours is 100% nutritious and healthy.”


He also circulated some products to an MNC HR, and the HR distributed the products as Diwali sweets for employees and was enthralled by the reviews of her employees because the taste and quality of the sweets were amazing! She was so impressed by the quality and the health benefit of Aarogyashaktiee’s products that she has already booked the sweets for Diwali 2022! Aarogyashaktiee delivers more than 1000kg of healthy sweets every month to various IT companies in Pune.


Mr Deshpande was too kind he even brought us some cookies and was very polite all throughout. Our genuine review of Aarogyashaktiee’s chikki cookie is that it was excellent and we didn’t even realise that it was made using jaggery! 


The motive and goal of Aarogyashaktiee are very positive for society. We are hearing since our childhood that ‘health is wealth’ but we realise the meaning of that proverb as we grow old because the only way to keep a human body healthy is by consuming healthy and nutritious foods. 


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