Story behind Single man Transformation into an inspiration of youth

Story behind Single man Transformation into an inspiration of youth. A single man transformed an institute into an army. On 2021 corona time, he established an institute. Despite his difficulties, he and his students helped to establish the institute as a model. Let’s talk about Man’s era and his trustworthy business. After all of his adventures, he returned to Kozhikode in 2019. He enrolled in a technology research institute. He spent 45,000 Rs on Full Stack Development, but due to unforeseen circumstances, he left the institute, and after gaining valuable experience, he returned as a teacher. He left the institute because it was overrun with educational businesses. Finally, he established Poonchola Technologies Pvt Ltd as a student affairs support institute. After one year, one of Kerala’s leading institutes in Google Reviews and other social media. Different courses are introduced on a daily basis in accordance with the company’s schedule, and different courses are customised in accordance with the students’ interests. Students from various districts are enrolling in the courses, which is a major success.


Poonchola Technologies is one of the best institutes in Calicut, Kerala, which provides quality

and low-cost training in the field of Software, Accounting, Digital Marketing and Multimedia.

We aspire to provide cost effective training to import job-oriented skill sets, as education puts

you on the path of self-discovery, leading to self-belief, adds meaning to your life and provides

you with the means to achieve lasting success in life.

We Poonchola Technologies provide job-oriented software training in Android, Java, PHP,

Python, Python-Django from our professional experts who have outstanding work experience in

the related field.

We have computerized accounting courses like Tally, Peachtree, QuickBooks, GST with the

prime aim of providing practical training to our students to prepare for a career in accounting and

help them to meet the current demand of the job sector.

We have Digital Marketing which is of high demand because of its tremendous reach to the

audience. Using these online media channels, Digital Marketing is a method by which company

endorse goods, services and trends. We can convert into customers by the enriching knowledge

about emerging digital technologies, which will accelerate your career with promising growth.

Then we have Multimedia which is a form of communication that combines different contents

such as text, audio, images and animations. It helps you to demonstrate creative and complex

ideas with the use of a combination of different medias on an interactive and attractive manner

which help for better knowledge retentions.

Next, we have the web development which include Frontend development, Backend

development and Full stack development. It is developing on website for companies. The

complexity of different websites differs.

We introduce our subsidiary company INNOMINZ recently which mainly focuses on software

development. It is focused on the creation of innovative technologies.

Our team can completely reimagine your business and provide you a competitive edge in today’s

business world.


We design and develop websites for different companies and we customize websites according

to their needs.


We establish brand story and company’s presence on the digital spaces.


We make your website to rank high in search engines.


Grow your business through digital branding.


It pushes your business website to more searches.


Specializing the creation of online business.


According to the requirement of our clients we develop apps.


We create attractive logos for different brands and companies.


We create attractive posters to boost business.


We design web banners for websites.


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