Worthy Essential Care Co. launches Redensyl-based hair growth serum with Dh5+ formulation under the name ‘84 days’.

Worthy Essential Care Co. Primarily focuses on hair and skin care science and creating cutting-edge biotech product range at an affordable price point.

The idea to get into hair and skin care was driven by the pattern Pratik identified, Conversations on hair health have witnessed a spike, thanks to our sedentary lifestyle, increased stress levels, increased insecurity due to consuming social media, shocking pollution levels, hormonal imbalances, poor water quality are among many other factors. This led to the birth of Worthy Essential Care Co.


Their independent research has concluded that 6 out of 10 people between the age group 21-37 would complain about premature balding, thinning of hairs, or other hair-related issues. Many will agree with the fact that they have a hard time styling their hair, worrying about the prominence of their bald patches. Hence, the need for hair growth serums.

84-days is developed using swiss-made high-quality ingredients and concentrated formulations that are effective in promoting the growth of hair in both men and women.

“Be it any form of hair loss like the male pattern or female pattern hair loss, hair fall post illness, hair thinning, Powerful Dh5+ formulation with cutting edge swiss ingredients helps trigger regrowth and visible results in under 90 days of usage.” Says Pratik Ratnaparkhi, Founder, of Worthy Essential Care Co.

At Worthy Essential Care Co., they apply the power of science and chemicals to do good and look good.
“People often forget that chemicals are everywhere, Unfortunately somewhere along the years, we have come to believe that the word “chemical” has come to mean toxic or synthetic, something to be avoided. “Chemical Free” is just a marketing gimmick, we should educate ourselves, Water is a chemical, YOU are a chemical, the air we breathe is a chemical, and the food in your fridge is a chemical…When we look at the chemical makeup of an Apple. it’s made up of a variety of chemicals, naturally.”, Says Pratik Ratnaparkhi, Founder, of Worthy Essential Care Co.

If an ingredient is “dangerous” please remember the dose makes the poison not the element. With that being said, WorthyEssential’s 84Days Intense Hair Growth Serum is derived from mostly natural ingredients, and it’s clinically tested to be safe. The PH Balance is ultra-fine to ensure there are no side effects.

It took them 2 years of approvals, validations, sampling, research, and testing, engaging some of the best minds in the field. Only then do they have a product that meets the high-quality standards has set for themselves.

Worthy Essential Care Co. is committed to creating and offering unique products with performing ingredients. What really sets them apart is the focused approach to perfecting a single product instead of having 10 mediocre ones.

Tell us about your experience using hair serums for your hair issues and how it helped, to know more about Worthy Essential’s 84-Days Hair Growth Serum, visit http://worthyessentials.co/

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