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Maxnova Healthcare – A leading and innovative manufacturing unit.

Maxnova Healthcare-We have a large number of people living in cities, and they are more educated than previous generations. They know what’s going on around them. They read magazines and watch television daily. They know about personal care products like shampoos, conditioners, body washes, etc., which were once only available in pharmacies or supermarkets, but now it has become a necessity for everyone, especially for women. They have started looking for products that can give them the best possible results, which consume less time and money but still gives them what they need.

The personal care industry is struggling because every day, there is an increased demand for new products that can make our life easier. Everyone wants to have young-looking skin, so they spend lots of money on different kinds of creams but still do not find any results after some time because most of them contain chemicals that can damage our skin health over time instead of making them.

At first, they started as a trading company and did contracts manufacturing to solve these issues but didn’t get the result which they were looking for.


In 2015 this inspired most, and we decided to initiate a startup where we can overcome these aspects. And provide the products with World class packaging and quality that speak for themselves Maxnova Healthcare came into existence as a manufacturer of personal wellness or personal care products in the herbal range and nutraceutical ranges. Maxnova Healthcare is a manufacturing unit that provides servers better for this industry. Today with the hard work of team max nova healthcare, we are manufacturing for more than 3000 brands, and on a daily basis, our unit is manufacturing 200+ brands with happy as well as satisfied customers. You will be glad to know that we have more than 90% happy clients.

Bhanu Wadhwa, Founder and CEO of Maxnova Healthcare. Our founder Mr. BHNAU VADHVA started Maxnova with a clear vision to provide the best quality products with unique and world-class packaging to the market, and in which we also succeed as today’s products’ appearance has changed completely since the day we started Maxnova. Not only implementing his vision, but our founder also proved himself along with his leadership quality. He always believes in every team member in the company, backs them completely, and Which brings out the best in the team members. Under his leadership, every member what to perform and is keen to prove himself/herself. Apart from this, he is a good human being too, who always respects everybody, either the older or, the younger.

We have our customer reviews online mode. All our customers give us the best reviews just because their problem or their searches ends when they meet us as they got all the services related to making/modifying their existing brand into a world-class brand. The working process started with marketing and communication, and it ended with product development and its appearance. Our clients are benefited as we are a part of their business, and they do not need to give their time to product development or appearance. Being our manufacturing partner that’s our job. They just need to focus on making their strategies to enhance their marketing or increase sales.

Maxnova healthcare adheres to a standardized and state-of-the-art process by ensuring the best quality at each step. This includes right from raw material procurement—to the processing as batches. Finally, choosing the best primary packaging with an eye for appearance. We are GMP certified company by the Directorate of Ayush, Govt. Of Haryana.

Apart from this, we are an ISO 9001: 2015 company.

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