SleepLabs gets the backing of IIT Kanpur, NASSCOM COE, AIIDE COE and i-Hub Gujarat

SleepLabs -When you turn 70, you will spend 25 years of your life sleeping. While you spend more than 1/3rd of their life sleeping, there has been no significant innovation to track or improve your sleep.

SleepLabs, on a mission to improve the quality of the sleep with its innovative sleep solutions, has been backed by NASSCOM, SIIC, IIT Kanpur, AIIDE COE and i-Hub Gujarat

The startup, recognised by Startup India builds high density memory foam products like mattresses, pillows and accessories and supplies directly to the end consumer, eliminating various stakeholders in the supply chain and reducing the price to consumers by 50%.

Taranpreet Singh, CEO, SleepLabs who was featured in “30 Under 30” by i5 summit- IIT Indore  and IIM Indore under the category for Social Entrepreneurship mentioned “We are innovating with products and supply chain in the very underserved sleep solutions category. Striving to provide the best quality of sleep experience to our consumers, we do not compromise with the quality of the products while providing them at an affordable price.”


While the company is currently selling foam-based products, the organisation has also filed a patent for Smart Pillows to track health vitals while sleeping. The technology tracks sleep quality, snoring index, restlessness, and users can also set pillow alarm via the mobile application  

Speaking on the product utility, Taranpreet also adds,” Our connected sleeping solutions would not just act as a tracking device but would be used as a preventive healthcare system in the near future.”


SleepLabs has also been recently felicitated by Minister of Home Affairs, India (State), Rajya Sabha MP (Gujarat) and Mayor Rajkot at an event held at Rajkot, Gujarat.

As of now, thousands of customers use SleepLabs products across India and you can also join the Sleep revolution by starting a franchise in your city. Connect with the team at


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