Meet the Internet Genie for your Digital Wishes – Kalyan Gali

Kalyan Gali is a seasoned professional when it comes to anything Digital. He has been in the field for over 18 years and has collected an accolade of noteworthy awards; Like the Indian Young Turks 500 CEO Awards, National Startup of the Year, Promising startup of the year 2020, Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 and he has also appeared in the Top 100 influential Person Entrepreneur Stories for the year 2022. Mr. Kalyan has demonstrated his polished skills with many brands that he has helped along the way and has accumulated a set of skills that can transform your digital business into something of a wonder. As Mr.Kalyan says so himself “If your vision is right, If you can dream it, then there’s some way to do it!” and he thankfully does!


Mr Kalyan Gali pioneer is truly a Genie of the Digital World, he is the all- knowing that can make the impossible possible for your business! However, he doesn’t restrain himself to just three wishes instead he rightfully calls himself the ‘One-stop Partner for all your digital needs’. He has knowledge in various fields of digital transformation, business expansion, multimedia and Sales and marketing. Over the years he has learnt the ropes of the business and has made himself proficient in all of these fields. He has a profound understanding of concepts ranging from edutech, reality blockchain, information security,Fintech and automation. He also has hands-on experience when it comes to curating a start-up, raising investment and IPO. Kalyan knows how amazing your product is, it still needs the right pitch and sale to get out there and attract the right kind of customers.. It is quite hard to keep track of what he CAN’T do at this point, really.


He has worked with some big names and large projects being a one-man army. He has been helping  many national and international brands in building their brands, strategies and executions.Couple of the brands are today’s unicorns. Clients approach him with just the ideation and he provides them a polished product that’s a Kalyan Gali promise. He has also helped brands build their B2C tech journey through ecommerce and native mobile apps In today’s day and age everyone should consider creating customer centric applications and websites, and this digital expert will do just that for you and more!


He is the man that you can go to when your startup is just starting up or even when you are in confusion with your already-established global tech company. Based on the years of experience he gained in this startup vertical, he is coming up with his first publication “Lights, camera, start-up” we can see that on racks very soon.  Whatever it is Mr.Kalyan is always there to hold your hand and guide you through the digital realm. Apart from his profession, Kalyan enjoys spending time with his family he says, “They are the only escape I get from the digital space!” He cherishes being a father, a husband and family-man! It is the same virtues that shape him as a professional; to put forth your best for his clients and their business.


To nurture is to help grow a brain baby and that is something truly beautiful! What are you waiting for? It’s your chance to ask the digital genie for help and make your business dreams and goals come true. Visit his website to know more about him and also read up on his opinion related to entrepreneurship, business and more! 


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