Evolve India

Evolve India – An Innovative Surface Design Brand That Aims To Change The Perception of Made-In-India Interior Products


What is Evolve India?

Evolve India is a leading manufacturer of new-age surface coatings known for its modern panel designs and unique texture finishes. The brand has helped the market reimagine surface design by combining innovative technology and creative craftsmanship to design highly versatile interior products. Every new design the brand launches has an unmatched aesthetic and a special philosophy behind its conception and making. They place a strong emphasis on creating products that not just ease the designing process but also raise the elegance quotient of the space it is being used in. 


About the Founder

Krishika Shah, a business and design enthusiast, co-founded Evolve India in 2013. She laid the cornerstone for what is regarded as the industry leader in bespoke surface designing and production after earning her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in business from the prominent universities of NMIMS and Imperial Business School, London, respectively. Krishika has a passion for both art and craft, and her understanding of both is unquestionably inspirational for her to produce artisanal designs the brand has brought to the table. 


The journey towards establishing the brand

Evolve India first started off as a smart home solutions company and has now pivoted into a new-age surface design studio that is known for bringing never seen before interior products to the table. The team enjoys pushing boundaries when it comes to innovation. And this has helped them in the creation of their rich artistic finishes while also providing technology-enabled solutions for a range of interior and surface decoration problems while streamlining the creative process.


Mission, Visions and Beliefs of the brand

The brand believes in the philosophy, ‘The Future is Bespoke’. They aim to help their clients craft spaces that match their personalities. And to achieve this, they focus on harmoniously combining intricate design, creative craftsmanship, and efficient technology to manufacture unique surface design finishes for interior and exterior applications. Since each product is handcrafted by their team of local artisans, no two products are an exact copy of the other, thus every client is sure to have something distinctive in their space. 


The design of a space is always crucial in establishing its initial impression. And if luxury, sophistication, and class is your style, then, no matter what your geography is, Evolve India can help you achieve it in the most hassle-free and convenient manner. 

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