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Shivam Sharma-Attacked on Diwali Eve, Shibutron is Now Looking for Opportunities to Rise

Shivam Sharma-Who doesn’t want to earn in the easiest wat possible? From making money in a day to make money in hours. Once a great men said that ‘It is the money that drives out passion’ and it is not far from the truth. The easiest way to make money is to find a passion and follow it, just like Shivam did.

Shivam Sharma known by the name of Shibutron has seen life in each and every phase. From tasting success to tasting failures to the fall and rise. In dark times he stood up and fought hard. He believes in the saying, “When the going gets tough, the tougher gets going” with nothing at his easement he has always fought hard to get it. 

Born into a middle-class family he was left all alone when he was just 12 years old. With everything shattered his parents separated and no one to his care he did things for his survival. He worked hard and to get a job, even a menial one he never hesitated or was afraid to take up jobs that would feed him in the night. Born in Raipur, Chhattisgarh he saw no fortune or future their and for he shifted in Delhi where he used to sell toys at the railway station, clean platforms, stall and rail coaches. During the day he would work at malls and night at the platform and then sleep on platform, at times hungry but this was not all that he had to go through to taste success, there was much more than anything else. 

Today he is an athlete who has represented India in various international competitions and he has also won multiple titles. Focusing on his life and his career he was sure that he would not spend his rest of the life on railway platform and from onwards his journey. He focused on bodybuilding and alongside pursuing his education with hi money that he earned from working he completed his education, followed his passion and worked at the same time without any excuses. 

He is currently a IFBB professional league men’s physique athlete from India. He holds various titles and honors to his name. During his journey at IFBB he was coached by a IFBB professional Manoj Patil, who himself holds various records to his name and his mentor and guide was Happy Rehal. Shivam says, “It was because of these two (my gurus) I am able to reach here and achieve so many things in my life.”

He has motivated various people, especially youth with his journey from cleaning stalls and washing cars to representing India and his state. His achievements include—

  • Four times Mr. Chhattisgarh, 
  • Two times Mr. Raipur. 

At national level too he has earned big titles like—

  • Three times Mr. Olympia amateur India, 
  • Two times Boss Classic Championship
  • And, Three times Sheru Classic India 

Apart from these he has also participated in Bodybuilding Competition Shows in and around the country.

His life saw tables turn and it went straight to the fall when during the Diwali eve of 2021 he was attacked by a group of people, all of them were his acquaintances. He recalls that night and says, “I was going to my home and a group of six people attacked my car from nowhere they pelted stones and had sticks with them. Every time I recall that night, I thank for keeping me alive.”  But what was more devastating was that his dream championship for which he had been practicing from years was just 3 weeks ahead and due to the injuries and he sustained, he could not attend and participate in the championship and his luck parted ways with him. He though now is fine after an years rest, he is now ready to fight and build. He is now looking for more opportunities so that he can prove himself to the world that he has come back stronger. 

Besides being an athlete, he also trains budding athletes, offers consultations on body building, he is also a preparation coach for bodybuilding contests, freelance personal trainer and he also provides his services online through Zoom, WhatsApp or any other digital platforms.

Shivam Sharma is also a trader, a crypto trader who is also helping people with the trading world and a investments. To register at his trading registration link, visit: 

Or to connect him on Instagram, visit:  


Business WhatsApp Number- 7828788884

Business Email-


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