The streets of the nation have often produced youngsters that make you believe in hustling your way to the top. A lot has been published and written on Nihshank, a poetic prodigy from the streets of Howrah. Nihshank’s family has had humble beginnings, with his parents having to struggle and fight through poverty in its most rudimentary form. He has been thankful to them throughout multiple interviews and podcasts. “I owe a great deal of my life to them. Every middle-class boy dream of making their parents proud. When I see them being happy, that’s all the happiness any achievement or my work can give me, baaki didi aur family hai buss, sab lage hue hain apni koshish mein. We all look forward to growing together. My family means a great deal to me”.

At the age of just 20 Nihshank is believed to have built close to 1300+ brands with a combined follower base of probably millions, which time and again he has denied. “For sure I have worked with a couple of brands, or maybe more than a couple but the rest of it I have no idea where you got that from”. Reports have also claimed that the youngster might already be a millionaire, which he has constantly denied and brushed off. “If I had a million dollars I would not be doing this interview, Nihshank said jokingly. Naaah that’s false I don’t have that kind of money, at least not right now”. 

Nihshank is currently pursuing law at Jindal Global Law School and has been often associated with charitable organizations. Under an eco-system called Gambit Enclave founded by him, he has already impacted close to 12000+ lives over the span of a year He also became well known for featuring on the cover star of a Magazine featuring Mr. Tata who Nihshank constantly looks up to. Nihshank has conducted close to 80+ seminars on Networking and Communication owing to his brilliant communication skills. The youngster has been felicitated over 100+ national and international conferences. By the mere age of 13, Nihshank had also won multiple state and national level championships in chess. 

Nihshank has often refused to disclose any personal life details but has been thankful to his friends especially Ananya and their family on multiple occasions. He has also named his sister more than often to have been a support system in his life. The youngster avoids social media and just has a channel named nihshank0204 where he uploads different types of content but is best known for his poetic abilities. Without maintaining a social media presence on most platforms Nihshank still continues to be one of the most-watched poets of all time in the country with up to a million streams and 40K+ monthly viewership. Nihshank has often talked about the social media trap and the kind of negativity and confusion present on most platforms. It is very much a reality that social media has taken a toll on the mental health of many people and continues to have its downsides. 

The youngster has often witnessed training under Parliamentarians and National spokespersons of different national political parties of the country and has often been thankful to his mentors. He recently finished training in Business Law and Society under Sasmit Patra A member of Parliament from Odisha in a joint batch of students from Jindal. The youngster recently broke into a prized public policy training under the likes of former Chief Ministers, editors, and well-known Parliamentarian Mr. Tharoor. He shall be a part of the training for the year 2023-2024. 

Nihshank is also the founder of Open Floor with Nihshank a talk show that was aimed at exploring different aspects of life and unconventional career opportunities available to people. The talk show managed to gather a viewership of over 100K across all platforms. It ended with a high of the National Legal Summit 2022 which saw participation from former CBI directors, law secretaries (govt. of India), Economists, judges, etc. He conducted a summit on the pendency of cases in India aiming to discuss the problems and seek solutions. The youngster is also believed to have funded startups and different organizations. On record, Nihshank has worked with or has been associated with close to 80+ organizations in his professional career.

The youngster is an inspiration, Hope for all middle-class people who dream to make it big. Nihshank is still on a journey and no one knows the destiny of where it may lead him but he continues to motivate and help people in whatever way possible. A legend in the making, the youngster is definitely in a different league of his own and we along with our partnering agencies wish him all the best.


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