Mr. Watts

Mr. Watts, founder of Watts Group Limited is the Motivation for Individuals Out There.

Mr. Watts-In this fast paced, ever evolving world of technology it is important to keep up with the trend through multi-dimensional skills. Due to in-numerous disciplines available to choose from its not possible to pursue all but we can (and should) at least try to capture the maximum possible in the short span of our lives. Having a mindset to do something as a part of enjoying the process rather than going for the result not only helps in growth and development of the individual but also society as a whole. 

Such a doer attitude can be seen in Ritesh Watts, author of the book THE DOER MINDSET. Defining the new standards of success, he is an entrepreneur by mind, Investor by hobby, Speaker by passion and Author by vision. He believes in delivering back to the society through his works and ventures and has successfully succeeded in doing so. Having utilized his knowledge in various areas (such as business and technology), he has founded many successful tech startups, travel portals, community foundations and more alike are in their launch phase. His business activities generally revolve around Consulting, Immigration, Tax and Financials, Jobs and Training in Canada and India. Major venture of Mr. Watts is “WATTS GROUP LIMITED “which is involved in strategic consultations for business growth through Technology and Marketing domains and also includes Jobs, Trainings, Tax, Financials and Immigration all under one umbrella. His organization has presence in India as well as Canada. Mr. Watts is an approved Canadian Immigration and Business and Growth consultant. 

Going back into time, Mr. Watts began his journey during the sophomore year of his engineering degree in 2008 with a mission to educate people online about technology through seminars and training sessions. He reached 8000+ students by his inspirational sessions for audiences ranging from 20 to 400 people in different states of India and generated more than a million dollars in revenue. He held the post of Vice President in a NGO named RABB during his university days and was also on top in the list of college-preneurs by Gold Nib foundation. Currently, Mr. Watts is the President of Watts Group Ltd., Commissionaire of Oaths and Affidavits in Ontario, Canada and an active member of CICC (Canada).

He has an influencer attitude which is showcased through his sessions and his experience and suggestions are proliferated through his book- THE DOER MINDSET. The sole purpose of the book is to enlighten individuals with the potential of their mindset so they can do better in their lives. His book was among top selling books on Amazon India. The book aims in changing the mindset of individuals especially youth so that they are able to bring positive changes in the society. In his journey of serving the community in the best way possible Mr. Watts is active in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), conducts English Language Training and Entrepreneurship workshops and believes in the approach of empowering people and work for the wellbeing of the society. His idol and inspiration in his journey has been his father, who instilled in him the value of helping others

For his commendable job and outstanding contribution in this field he was recently honoured with top 100 Influential Award. This award acknowledges and recognises the work and is a token of appreciation and motivation for them.

With almost 14 years of experience Mr. Watts is on a mission to leave a legacy and build an empire which would continue to serve the society and empower people. He finds himself fortunate to achieve several milestones in his life and envisages to create several more. With diverse skills, excellent leadership qualities and having a taste of remarkable success at young age, Mr. Ritesh Watts is an individual every individual shall look up to.


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