SWAN Livelihood- Creating stable labour force and enhancing employees satisfaction through Skill Development

According to SDG 4 “Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all,” and SDG 8, “Promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all,” which aims to improve access to quality education and decent work opportunities for all people, promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, reducing inequality, and promoting skills development and gender equality in the workplace

This skill gap is the reason why several young educated masses are without jobs or with brief employment histories and the companies struggle to find qualified employees. 

All of these circumstances required thorough comprehension and tactful treatment on both sides. Keeping this concept in mind, SWAN(Skilled Workforce Advancing Nation)Livelihood was created to match young people’s goals with industry needs.

However, the main sources of motivation were the numerous youth who were grinning and the creation of a friendly office environment with contented bosses. In our effort to accomplish the goals, we make a promise to work with utmost dedication.

To empower young people, SWAN prioritizes raising the standard of creative training and counselling sessions for the young workforce through carefully designed training programmes and counselling sessions. Hence, they seek to make a lot of young people happy and create a friendly workplace with content employers.

At present, SWAN livelihood services include experiential training/workshops and up-skilling programmes, Industry Connect and Mentorship Support, Community Development Programme, Consulting & Mentorship, Programme Implementation, and Enterprise Functioning Assistance.

They believe that for achieving the nation’s development objectives, having a sizable educated and skilled young population is extremely crucial. For this, they are working on establishing a stable labour force with a greater employee satisfaction rate by using skill development techniques.

At SWAN, they prioritise raising the standard through creative training and counselling sessions, for the young workforce. They develop their training programme after extensive fieldwork and a thorough understanding of how social sector firms function. The tagline of the organization is Empower, Inspire, Lead.

Meghna Joshi-the founder of SWAN livelihood is a Certified Life Coach with over 9 years of experience in the startup, corporate, and development sectors. She has honed her skills in project management, programme delivery, training in a variety of skill sets, keeping track of the activities of skill development centres, and building the capacity of the informal sector workforce throughout Delhi/NCR and PAN India. 

She was able to establish a profound understanding of the problems faced by young people from all societal segments through her combined experience working in the corporate and social sectors and overseeing the operations of several skill development centres. It also helped her fully comprehend the challenges encountered by firms that hire young people without training.

This made her passionate about skill development and to find a methodical solution to these problems, she was eventually inspired to start SWAN (Skilled Workforce Advancing Nation) Livelihood.

SWAN Livelihood was launched in January 2020 and the idea behind this vision is to bring smiles to scores of youth and develop a congenial atmosphere in the workplace with satisfied employers.

The proverb “Smooth seas do not create skilled sailors” refers to the idea that without navigating difficulties, one cannot effectively arrive at a destination. The largest challenge one faces when starting a business is finding talented and committed individuals.

Any organization’s team of employees is its core. The highly qualified and driven employees of SWAN Livelihood may propel the company to new heights. Additionally, a peaceful environment and helpful coworkers are vital. To get past obstacles and challenges, Meghna lives by the motto of taking one step at a time.

The greatest team resource for SWAN is the passionate backing of all the change-makers who have been working with them since the company was incorporated, and the team has only continued to grow since then. Meghna firmly believes in exercising guts and decisiveness in my decisions to effectively guide our business through the most trying period, which was the Covid days. She says that every person should have self-confidence, which works miracles. 

SWAN Livelihood was established to put smiles on the faces of many young people and create a friendly workplace with content employers.

A social enterprise established in Delhi called SWAN (Skilled Workforce Advancing Nation) Livelihood seeks to empower young people via well-designed training programmes and counselling sessions. Through creative training and counselling sessions, SWAN aims to raise the calibre of the young workforce.

Through skill development, a steady workforce is intended to be created, with a higher employee satisfaction rate as the result.

It was founded with the mission of empowering, inspiring, and guiding youngsters.

Meghna is of the view that there is no end to learning and one should be a constant learner throughout life.

To the upcoming start-ups, Meghna says – “ Climbing at the top of your career ladder requires a lot of effort, perseverance, tolerance, consistency, and patience. But, when efforts are made to achieve a dream, it becomes a goal. Never give in to the challenges that stand in the way of realising your dreams. Keep working consistently and you will ultimately reach your goals.”

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