A motivating Story of Gursewak Singh, a Serial Entrepreneur and a Marketing Specialist, That Will Encourage You to Follow Your Passion

The story of Gursewak Singh is a superb reflection of the quote who pushed himself from his failed venture to a successful and opulent serial entrepreneur. People can either get along with the massive advancement of technologies and the fast-changing world or hold back being in love with their comfort zone. 

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”


The persistent passion and consistent hard work of Gursewak Singh are an inspiration for youth. The owner of two successful and million-dollar companies, Antiex Solutions and BainBow, comes from a middle-class family in Punjab. A young guy full of energy and passion to grow his business belonged to Ludhiana, Punjab.


Entrepreneurs change the economy to the next level by introducing innovative ideas and leveraging technology advancements. One of those brilliant personalities is the thriving entrepreneur Gursewak Singh, who is popularly known as Digital Gursewak Singh. He did marvelous work in marketing and branding areas of the digital world. He made his unique recognition from the rush in the online world.


Let’s know, what were his setbacks. How did he take initiative? What were his failures?


His thrilling life can ignite others to do big things in their lives. His first venture was “3d Imagine Institute of Animation & Multimedia”, which was centered on providing training to students on graphic designing, VFX, 3D modeling, and Industrial Software. Despite providing sought-after skills, his first startup failed terribly.


Success has no shortcuts. Either failure can teach you or break you. 


Gursewak Singh learned from his flaws and failures and came back with a burning fire to build his successful startups.


He founded two companies Antiex Solutions and BainBow, at the age of 21. He became the owner of two million-dollar companies by working rigorously and providing valuable services, Also, he is a HubSpot Inbound Marketing Specialist and an investor in many Indian startups.


He is not focusing merely on his growth but also on training and uplifting others, from students to business owners and other professionals. Apart from his business, he is educating people to explore unconventional careers in personal branding and marketing areas.


His training program “Unwrap Yourself” is bridging the gap in people’s lives from their current situations to what they want to be. He believes in helping people to unwrap their true potential and change their lives positively.

Would you like to know about his companies?


Antiex Solutions, the branding, and digital marketing company was established in 2015. He is operating the company as the MD. Additionally, he has been running BainBow company since 2019, the leading Business management and outsourcing company, which has spread across India. This firm is an immensely useful platform for SMEs and MSMEs.


Everyone works hard but not everyone gets successful!


The core reason for his success is the focus of his business on solving specific problems of his customers and audience through his solution-oriented services. His amazing storytelling ability gives a distinguishing mark to each brand while offering specific services to them. 


Many people fail to utilize their skills and build their expertise in digital marketing by considering it a hobby and limiting themselves to part-time employees. Whereas, for Gursewak Singh, digital marketing is a valid and broad-scoping career. 


The Internet is a sea of knowledge where Gursewak Singh is swimming by utilizing knowledge from there. His firm belief, ambitiousness, and hunger for knowledge have made him a great leader in the speedily growing sector of the digital world. He mastered digital marketing by working with different people before building his ventures.


He built his brand and enhanced companies from zero to millions worth. He explored the digital marketing industry in detail by reading books, pursuing courses, and working with experienced professionals. With 10+ years of experience, he became a famous brand strategist, serial entrepreneur, and digital marketer.


He is an optimistic and versatile personality with a wide range of knowledge in leading marketing campaigns and running profitable online operations. He has written a book that covers a comprehensive explanation of branding, closing big-ticket deals, marketing, and much more.


His valuable advice to live with full spirits is “Keep smiling, never stop, and create your own path.”


He is leading his way being an entrepreneur and leaving a never-ending impact on society.






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