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SQUAD -In a small village with a dire need for job creation and economic growth, one entrepreneur, Amar Kolhapure, identified an opportunity to establish a manufacturing company. Their goal was to address the challenges facing the village and contribute to its development. However, they quickly realized that starting a business in a small village was not easy. Skilled labor and smart staff were hard to come by, and they struggled to find the right people to work for them. To make matters worse, they had limited access to funds, machinery, and space.

Despite these challenges, Amar did not give up. Royaleway has implement SQUAD Strategy. SQUAD is an anagram for Speed, Quality, Utilisation, Accuracy, and Discipline. This mantra is truly a great for any business which they came up with during the pandemic after a lot of struggle.

They came up with a strategy they called the SQUAD strategy, which stood for Speed, Quality products, Utilisation of funds, man power, machinery and space, production Accuracy and time, and Discipline. To implement their strategy, John and Sarah first focused on utilizing their funds effectively. They made smart investments in machinery and space, and worked hard to improve the accuracy and speed of their production process.

Next, they invested in training their employees and instilling a strong sense of discipline in their work culture. This helped to improve the quality of their products and increase the efficiency of their operations. With time, John and Sarah’s business started to thrive. They were able to create jobs in the village, provide high-quality products, and improve the local economy. The villagers were grateful for their hard work and determination, and their business became an inspiration to others.

Having achieved a measure of success and stability in their business, the team at Royaleway is now eager to share their experience and the key to their success with startups entrepreneurs. , they say, is simple yet effective: follow the SQUAD strategy, has proven to be a reliable formula for success in their business. As they look to the future, the team at Royaleway is confident that their approach will continue to drive their growth and help others achieve their own entrepreneurial goals.

All the above mentioned aspects are what sets Royalway apart from the rest of the companies currently in the market. In order to set your business apart like Royalway you too can use the SQUAD mantra to reap the maximum benefit. The mantra can be generalised to be used for every type of business, after all the ultimate goal of all types of business is customer satisfaction. 

The clothes you wear can truly change the way you feel. This includes the clothes you wear to exercise and lounge around. When it comes to the best lounge and activewear in India there is no other company that provides affordable apparel for men and women at the best prices like Royaleway.

The company provides great clothing and delivers them quickly. These products are of the highest quality and are perfect for any use. With their line of clothing, you can be sure to maintain your schedules and routines without any hassles. With Royalway, you can be sure to experience pure comfort so that you can live your best life and live your way. 

Royaleway is for everyone, no matter what you are looking for. The Indian company has gained a reputation for being able to change according to the trends and deliver exactly what you need. This ability to adapt and remain in touch with the needs of its customers is what makes it a great business strategy. As a clothing brand, you can be sure to find some great styles and some amazing designs across their catalogue of amazing products. Each product is fashion-forward, comfortable, and extremely affordable with prices that cannot be compared to rival companies. The company has a vision of bringing everyone further with fashion and products that can make your life exciting. So no matter what you do throughout the day with Royaleway you can be sure to have some great clothing. 

The company works with trends so that you can show off your style and fashion in the ways you like with the clothes and different styles. The company believes that when you step out of your comfort zone great things can happen. With Royaleway you can be sure to step out of your it and try new things with clothes that do not hold you back. The company also makes it their mission to deliver clothes that show your style without having to say anything extra. They provide memorable clothing that is superior quality and affordable. Why pay higher prices for clothing that does not satisfy your style and comfort needs? With Royaleway, you can be sure to have all your needs met without having to break the bank.

Their large catalogue of products includes everything from vests to T-shirts, Jackets, sweatshirts and more along with clothing appropriate for seasons and other great segments such as sportswear and casualwear. With a price range of 299 to 1499, it is obvious why the company is beloved by many customers within India.

The company’s marketing strategy includes a D2C online model that allows distribution to big brands such as Flipkart, Amazon, Ajio, Myntra, Meesho amongst many others . B2C where they have their outlets across the country and B2B for offline where they ship to various retailers across the country. Their widespread distribution allows them to truly be a successful business that rivals even the top most brands. 



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