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The transition from WEB 2 to WEB3 would be incomplete without DEFI. The world of WEB3 unlocks immense potential and exceptional investment options for all. Split-second transactions that offer transparency, security & privacy have altered our approach toward finances. The markets are evolving & crypto is being widely adopted. Peerblue Finance (PBEX) is one such platform that’s making a difference. With a futuristic approach, the team believes in making crypto accessible to everyone.


Though the blockchain ensures security, people new to the market doubt the safety of their digital assets. PBEX also called Peer Blue Finance targets the same. The team identified that a lot of users do not trust centralized exchanges with their assets. When trading via major exchanges, these platforms exercise complete control over a user’s assets. In case they freeze the assets or in case of a hack, all the user assets are lost. The need to have a user-first platform that facilitated trade, stake, and earning without exercising complete control over user assets brought PBEX to life.


Peer Blue Finance is a decentralized exchange, all of its core algorithms are on the blockchain itself. The logic can’t be changed, hence providing an unbiased playing field to all players. The safety of funds is a priority, user funds are inaccessible to anyone be it the admins.


The x-factor here is that the gaming model is formulated to adopt a multilingual format which would soon be active.

With the DEFI world constantly innovating, the PBEX team is devoted to delivering the best to its users. The constant tech runs & market research keeps them in the A-League. The game is user-friendly but the team keeps striving to deliver a phenomenal experience. A huge effort is being put into educating the users and making them aware of the safe practices of digital/crypto asset trading and usage. Along with world-class support for the users, the platform has telegram and discord channels where the admins themselves are readily involved.


PBEX’s security front gives it an extra edge, with all of its smart contracts available online the platform is credible. These smart contracts are available for general public scrutiny. The admins do not exercise any control over the core trading algorithms. This code base is certified by a third-party auditor called CERTIK. All the code bases will be audited by auditing agencies.


The prediction game is this platform’s very first product launch. The gaming model relies on basic mathematical probability & binary predictions. The game has 4 different rounds each with a specific number. There’s always an EXPIRED round, a LIVE round followed by the PLAY round, and lastly LATER round. You can only create a position in the NEXT round. Each stage lasts for 5 minutes. 

In the “Next” section there’s a green Enter UP button and a pink enter DOWN button. Click Enter UP if you want to predict a raised price, and click Enter DOWN if you want to predict a drop. Users can only create a position in one direction and only once in each round.


Once you create a position a new pop-up window will open. You can enter the amount you wish to invest or just scroll to adjust the same. Press “Confirm” to commit Matic for your prediction. Invest crypto and lock your prediction. The payout percentage will be visible at this very stage.

When the round you predicted goes “LIVE”, the outcome is calculated and winners are decided on accordingly. It is similar to how future options work, except here each contract expires in 5 minutes and all rounds are definitive.


The USP of PBEX is its strong community values. Community is indeed their core strength. All the special competitions will be exclusive to their members. The announcements are also released within the community first! In the coming years, the team plans to expand into multiple markets for their prediction game. They are also looking forward to expanding the game to multiple blockchains, where people will be able to play the game utilizing multiple tokens. There are plans to integrate blockchain lenders for people to secure loans to play the games in digital assets.


The crypto market is quite solid and so is its impact on the global economy. For people who are still not well acquainted, PBEX is a very good way to learn. The game requires basic knowledge of cryptographic charts making it an excellent start. It’s an opportunity for every crypto genius too, put your basic skills to the test and earn while you do that! The game lets people predict the price movement on a trend basis, as long as the price is even 0.001 $ higher than the start price you win. 

So what are you waiting for, read the charts, create your strategy & formulate a WIN!



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